Some people may claim that what you wear on your feet could reflect traits of your personality. This claim might seem easily disputed and controversial. You might call it the kind of statement only made by a superficial person who judges everything based on the “cover.” And yes, some people probably do pay too much attention to shoes. But could shoes really reveal certain elements of someone’s personality? Definitely … maybe! Just keep in mind that most of the things you will read in the following list of 20 Strange Things Your Shoes Say About You aren’t backed up by scientific study or research. We offer this list for entertainment purposes only. And we hope you find it entertaining, if not enlightening. Last Updated on January 30, 2020

The lazy dude

It’s not the biggest secret out there that flip-flops are not made to cover long distances. The people who pick flip-flops on lazy days or beach days during vacations can’t be described lazy, as this is pretty normal. However, the ones who love to wear them as their everyday footwear might be a little lazier than average. No offense … we love flip-flops too, but on lazy days only!

Materialistic girl

Modern fashion experts suggest that women with stilettos are usually ambitious girls determined to be fully independent (possibly even bosses) one day. Some disagree and suggest that women who love stilettos are after a rich man and a wealthy marriage. One way or another, women who love to wear flashy stilettos are usually portrayed as being materialistic.

The fashion victim

When it comes to the trendy type, there are no favorite shoes. It doesn’t matter if it’s sports shoes, boots, high heels or flats; as long as they are in fashion, the trendy person will buy them and wear them. Well, they’ll wear them until a new fashion comes along. Then the trendy guy or gal will have to spend some money on a new pair of shoes … again.

The retro type

The retro type is exactly the opposite of the trendy type. He likes his old, classic but well-kept shoes a lot. (Maybe a little more than he should.) Regardless, shoes that are not new but remain well-cared-for show the character of the wearer: loyal and sure of his choices in life.

The explorer

You may have noticed that a few guys (mostly) wear hiking shoes or even mountaineering boots while shopping in the local market. That’s kind of strange but this specific type of guy just can’t help it. It’s the explorer in them that won’t let their spirits (and feet) rest. They dream of long treks and mountains … even when they are waiting in line at Burger King’s.
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