Sometimes we all crave some greasy, fried, cheap, and unhealthy food just for the indulgence of it. We are wired to love sugar, fat, and salt because they are vital to the body properly functioning. Additionally, our brain’s pleasure center activates when we eat salt, sugar, and fat. In fact, it craves even more, because human beings evolved from a time when these elements were scarce. Another “charm” of ordering fast food is that you can get it almost anywhere. Thanks to the vast number of fast-food restaurants available, you can literally find junk food everywhere on this planet. Another reason we love fast food is that, for some strange reason, it’s freaking delicious (in most cases). Sometimes, though, it can be really gross. If you’re trying to stop eating junk food but you need a little boost, the following list of the 25 Grossest Things You Won’t Believe Were Found in Fast Food will definitely help you on your mission to eat healthier food. Last Updated on January 9, 2020

Chicken Head in a Happy Meal

On the night of November 27, 2000, Mrs. Katherine Ortega from Virginia bought a box of fried chicken wings at a McDonald’s restaurant and took it home to her family. While dishing it up to feed her children, Ortega noticed that one of the pieces looked, well… a little strange. Examining it more closely, she saw it had eyes and a beak. She screamed. It wasn’t a wing at all, she realized; it was a chicken’s head: battered, fried, and fully intact.

Condom in a Big Mac

In 1997, a man named Jeff Bolling found a rolled-up condom when he bit into a Big Mac. This unpleasant discovery made him violently ill. No surprise there. Jeff Bolling sued McDonald’s immediately, but the famous fast-food chain’s management denied any wrongdoing. (Perhaps biting a condom instead of a pickle should be fully expected when you eat there.)

Condom in Happy Meal

If you thought that only Big Macs are served with condoms at McDonald’s, then you’re sadly mistaken. They are also served with Happy Meals. In 2009, a Swiss 7-year-old girl discovered a condom in her McDonald’s Happy Meal. Fribourg state police in Switzerland said that the mother called them right after her daughter discovered the condom among her French fries. Apparently, McDonald’s has very high standards on an international level. No complaints there.

Mouse in a Curry Jar

Cate Barrett, from England, bought a jar of Extra Special Tikka Masala sauce from a local Asda store in Cornwall. After she emptied the jar on her pasta, she noticed that the sauce was “a bit lumpy.” After looking a little closer, she noticed a dead mouse. Asda claimed this was an “isolated incident” and apologized for. The specific product is no longer on sale there.

Cockroach in a Hash Brown

A Dutchman who stopped at McDonald’s for an early breakfast discovered a deep-fried cockroach attached to the hash brown he bought. He didn’t freak out, though. He just took a photo and posted it on Facebook. The photo showed a crushed cockroach with splayed wings plastered to the potato cake. The man said the cockroach was hidden from sight by the paper with which the hash brown was served. Luckily, he didn’t eat it.
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