Throughout the world, you can find a handful of cities that have a fascinating history. Some civilizations built new cities on top of ancient ruins while others grew near historic landmarks. Many of these cities realize that showcasing and respecting their past provides the key to preserving their priceless artifacts. Having ancient ruins in your city not only adds honor but also gives a boost to the economy. Every year, millions of tourists travel around the world to see these breathtaking monuments for themselves. Cities such as Athens, Rome, and Paris have refused to completely modernize so they can pay tribute to their heritage. As such, they have served as popular tourist destinations for decades. People enjoy feeling like they have been transported into the past. Submersing oneself in ancient ruins offers a glimpse into what life felt like thousands of years ago. Read on to discover 25 fascinating cities built on ancient ruins. Last Updated on November 28, 2019

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor is a modern-day city that sits on the east bank of the Nile River in southern Egypt. It currently has a population of over half a million residents. The city was heavily populated during the 16th – 11th centuries B.C. Ancient Thebes was considered one of the most powerful cities during that era. Large temples, royal tombs, and the Valley of the Queens are all located around this area in Egypt.

Tulum, Mexico

On the edge of Mexico’s coastline, there once lived an ancient civilization. The Tulum ruins are thought to have been created around 564 A.D. Historanias believe that the city was built and inhabited by the Maya people. Fast forward a few thousand years and Tulum is still occupied by an estimated 20,000 people. It also attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year for its gorgeous beaches and well-preserved historic ruins.

Lima, Peru

The Incas were a South American civilization formed by the Quechua people around 1400 A.D. Unfortunately, over time, some of the Inca settlements were forgotten. However, an excavation that took place during the early 1950s uncovered an adobe pyramid called Huaca Huallamarca. Scientific researchers claim that the ancient structure was used by the Incas and the Hullala people more than 2,000 years ago. It is now one of the top tourist attractions in the San Isidro district.

Paris, France

Paris, France
Considered one of the most romantic places in the world, Paris has the nickname “the city of lights and love.” However, many people have no idea that Paris was actually built on top of the remain of more than six million people. The Catacombs of Paris are a series of underground ossuaries built around 1786. Around 300,000 people take the mile-long tour through Paris’s catacombs every year.

Barcelona, Spain

Historians believe that the first settlers to call Barcelona home date back to the first century. The city was founded by Romans who called their new city Barcino. Almost 2,000 years later, the city is still highly populated. An estimated five million residents call it home. One of the oldest sites located in the city is a third-century cemetery where 70 Roman tombs are supposedly buried.
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