People love to eat out. According to various surveys, going to restaurants is one of the most common social activities worldwide. Pretty much everyone loves to visit their favorite restaurant every now and then. A simple look at the restaurants in every city will help you realize that most of them are full of diners not only on the weekend but also throughout the week. For that matter, people love eating not just in restaurants but also in markets, food stalls, food trucks, and so on. So, if you happen to be a food aficionado or a food junkie and you love exploring new restaurants, the following list of 25 Most Exclusive Restaurants Around The World will probably excite you. At the same time, they just might discourage you. Yep, sadly, you won’t likely be able to enjoy a meal in any of the restaurants that follow. Last Updated on March 11, 2020

Next, USA

According to leading chefs Grant Achatz and Nick Kokonas, Next constantly explores the world of cuisine and changes its menus in order to offer a completely new dining experience every four months. In reality, booking a table at Next in Chicago isn’t all that hard. What makes things exclusive is the ever-evolving menu, which creates specific dishes extremely hard to find again if you visit a season or two later.

Huashan Teahouse, China

At Huashan Temple’s teahouse, you’re always welcome, as it’s not a super expensive or exclusive restaurant. The thing is that you will have to make a treacherous trek up a mountain in China’s Shaanxi province. The pathway, often called the most dangerous hike in the world, includes little more than wooden planks and chains at some points in the journey. Despite some hikers falling to their death, people keep making the trip to the temple. If you make it there safely, it will most likely be the most satisfying cup of tea you ever drink.

Mugaritz, Spain

Only open for specific days from early April to December, the restaurant caters to just 50 diners. You also have to send in a reservation request first. The restaurant will then either send you a booking confirmation (if there’s availability) or offer an alternative choice. The chefs there claim to create art with their dishes, which is the reason they are open so few days during the year.

Brae, Australia

According to local news, Brae is a restaurant where pretty much everyone in Australia wants to eat. However, this would mean making a reservation up to three months in advance. Further, there’s an extra obstacle to making a reservation there. Most of the tables are held back for guests staying in one of the six guest rooms, so you’ll have to add about $417 for a night’s stay on top of the $190 menu. The only sure thing is that dining at Brae is far from cheap.

Noma, Denmark

Located in Copenhagen, Noma is one of the most popular, exclusive restaurants in the world. Specializing in “New Nordic” cuisine, Noma serves creative menus that change with the seasons. In case you’re planning to eat there anytime soon, we’re afraid that you will have to wait until 2020. Reservations for Noma generally close early, once the restaurant is fully booked until the end of the year.
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