The average Joe uses shoes just to get from one to place to the other in relative comfort. However, the more sports-minded have other goals in mind. The highest-paid athletes probably have hundreds of shoes for the sport they play and for the after-parties they attend. Getting the most performance out of a shoe is a top priority for athletes especially basketball players. Michael Jordan practically makes more of a fortune off shoes than his basketball career. Many upscale sneakers have prices that rival the most expensive luxury brands in the world. Certain Limited Edition shoes can even drive up a high price tag. So, with that in mind, here are the 25 most expensive sneakers ever made.

Air Jordan III OG – $4,500

The Air Jordan III OG was the pair of shoes Michael Jordan wore when he slam dunked over Dominque Wilkins. While there have been plenty of re-issues, the earlier models are worth far more.

Nike Foamposite One "Sole Collector" - $6,000

Nike Foamposite
The Nike Foamposite One “Sole Collector” was developed in 1997 and was groundbreaking for its design but didn’t have the best performance.

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Pigeon - $6,000

nike dunk low pigeon
The Nike Dunk was released around 2005 and gradually became more and more popular over time. When the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Pigeon was released, there was a limited supply and a riot almost broke out in New York City for the pair.

Air Jordan 12 OVO - $6,000

Released recently, some shoe enthusiasts have called the Air Jordan 12 Ovo the “best shoe of the year.”

Nike Lebron 9 Low "LeBronold Palmer" - $7,000

A rare pair of Nike’s never released to the public, the Nike Lebron 9 Low is only size 13.
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