Former President William Howard Taft determined that American workers needed more time off. In 1910, he suggested that every American worker should receive around two to three months of vacation time a year. As of 2017, the average amount of paid time off for an employee is only 15 days. That is why it’s absolutely critical to spend your hard-earned vacation time carefully.  Taking a vacation somewhere close to home is perfect for a shorter vacation. If you are planning a trip abroad, it’s important to factor in enough days for travel and jetlag in order to have plenty of time for relaxation. The best relaxing vacation spots help your troubles melt away. Some of the greatest moments in life include spending undivided time with the people you love most. Last Updated on January 7, 2020

Berwickshire, Scotland

Tucked away just east of Tweed Valley Forest Park in Scotland is the perfect little town to spend a relaxing vacation. Unlike the hustle and bustle in Edinburgh, Berwickshire is quiet and calm. It features quaint cottages, magnificent castles, sandy beaches, and high cliffs. The stunning countryside makes for an ideal and tranquil getaway.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

More than 140 subtropical islands make up New Zealand’s Bay of Islands. Every year, thousands of visitors travel to the country’s North Island for big-game fishing, astonishing waterfront views, and rich cultural experience. There is a good mixture of relaxation and adventure in store for anyone planning their next vacation to the Bay of Islands. A sunset winetasting at the Omata Estate Vineyard is a spectacular way to end a tranquil day.  

Budapest, Hungary

Some of the best cultural wonders of Hungary are located in the historic capital of Budapest. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy a bit of Hungarian pampering at the Széchenyi Thermal Baths. The hot springs and over 21 pools aren’t the only features offered by this health and wellness center. A day ticket grants guests full access to saunas, aquafitness classes, and a fully equipped gym. After you enjoy an afternoon at the spa, stroll around the historic district and sample a piece of cake from the Artizán Bakery.

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Picturesque shores and sandy beaches grace the town of Cape Elizabeth. Its striking scenery is a sight for sore eyes. One of the best ways to explore the quaint town is by bike. Cruising up and down the coast, you’ll surely discover the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse, one of its most famous historic features. The stunning lighthouse provides the perfect backdrop for a lovely picnic or a glass of wine on the beach.

Bora Bora, Polynesia

bora bora
When someone imagines a relaxing vacation, they typically picture a tropical oasis. Bora Bora, an island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia, is the epitome of paradise. If you have the opportunity to stay at the Four Seasons Bora Bora Resort, you won’t regret it. The hotel offers its guests an unforgettable experience. Everywhere you look, you’ll find breathtaking panoramic views and the ocean’s crystal blue water flows underneath every lodging hut.
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