A world record usually describes the most amazing and extraordinary activity or performance ever recorded. It can be considered one of the greatest honors a human can experience in life. There’s even a book that “collects” and publishes all types of world records. Yep, we’re referring to the Guinness World Records. But there’s something curious about this book. Unlike the admirable world records that we would usually find in the world of arts, science, technology, engineering, architecture, and sports, the Guinness World Records also includes some really bizarre and stupid records. In fact, they are so stupid that not many are willing to try and break them. Read on to discover 25 Stupid World Records That Nobody Has Bothered to Try and Break. Last Updated on January 22, 2020

Most rotations hanging from a power drill

This feat probably requires a incredible amount of upper body strength and it’s more interesting in a very bizarre way than plain power lifting. Still, I wouldn’t suggest to any of you to try this one at home. The current record is 148 rotations in a minute, achieved by the legend (in his own mind) known as The Huy Giang.

Most snails on face

Fin Kehler, a young boy from Utah, nabbed the rather odd record for “Most Snails on Face” back in 2009. On his 11th birthday, he allowed friends and neighbors to cover his head with the slimy creatures that stayed there for more than 10 seconds. They sent the record off to Guinness, but even they were too smart to list such a useless achievement.

Most watermelons sliced open on a stomach

For some really strange reason, Guinness has a record for “Most watermelons sliced open on a stomach under 1 minute.” This record was set by Bipin Larkin, who cleanly sliced through 48 watermelons using a machete. Truth be told, it’s not Larkin who deserves the honor but his super trusting assistant who offered his stomach for this stunt. We don’t want to consider the “what ifs” for this one.

Most number of candles extinguished by farting

Some people are sports heroes while others are science geniuses, but everyone has a talent … some of us with talents less obvious than others. Gerard Jessie of the Philippines, for example, has a very “unique” talent for sure. He holds the record for most candles extinguished by farting: 5.

Pulling an airplane

Reverend Dr. Kevin Fast, who owns several weight-pulling records, managed to pull an entire 416,299-pound CC-177 Globemaster III airplane for 28 feet back in 2009. Due to the difficulty of this feat, it doesn’t look like anyone will be challenging for the world’s strongest priest’s title anytime soon.
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