Can you recall the worst date you’ve ever been on from a dating app? Was your date too talkative, or perhaps not talkative enough? Maybe they had poor table manners, differing political views, or perhaps there was just no connection. Every day, millions of people scroll through dating apps such as Tinder or OkCupid to find love or have a simple fling. While most people who use these apps have pure intentions, others have more sinister plans. Some people have used dating apps to con people out of money or even to take another person’s life. We’ve heard stories about people who have killed their date because they got rejected for a second date. One sad story involves a guy who killed his date while her son hid, terrified. We at List25 urge you to be careful when using a dating app. Always meet in public at first. Never go to a stranger’s house. Be sure to tell somebody where you are going to be. And if you feel uncomfortable for any reason, it’s your right to end the date. Without further intro, here are 25 Terrifying Dating App Stories.

A Woman Scorned

A woman named Carol Kemp met the love of her life, Martin, online. It seemed to be great at first until Martin wanted out. Unable to handle this, in December 2011, Carol stabbed him twice in the heart. She was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

The Set-Up

A man named Venkata Cattamanchi had arranged to meet an online escort named Jessica. She met him at Wendy’s and they both went to a motel. It was there that two men and another woman were waiting to rob and kill him.

Swindled and Killed

Some people will do anything to cure loneliness. Take Jette Jacobs, for example. She was a 67-year-old widow who thought she met the perfect man online. His name was Jesse Orowo Omokoh. He was 28 and lived in South Africa. Jacobs sent him money and gifts. When she went to visit him, her body was founded dead in a rented room. Omokoh had vanished, along with Jacobs’ belongings, and all of Omokohs online aliases.

Buried Alive

A woman who was diabetic went to meet a man in Morroco after meeting on Facebook.  When they were on a date at his house, she went into a diabetic seizure. The man panicked and, rather than call 911, he buried her in his garden. She suffocated under the dirt.

Some People Can't Take Rejection

Sharon Simens went on an online date with Jason John Dinsley. Unbeknownst to her, Dinsley had over 100 prior criminal convictions. One was for rape at knifepoint. When she rejected him for a second date, he bashed her skull in with a cricket bat. Sadly, her young son was hiding nearby.
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