Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard mention of the urban legend Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. People who claim to have seen the mythical creature describe it as being ape-like but with human movements. Although no one has clear evidence of the creature (except for poor quality photos and videos), people obsessed with the “wood ape” refuse to give up their search. Many people claim to have gotten so close to it that they could see its entire face. Others who have had the encounter saw only a glimpse. If you consider yourself a non-believer then maybe these sightings will at least make you ask yourself, “Does Bigfoot really exist?” Here are 25 Times People Have Sworn They’ve Seen Bigfoot. Last Updated on January 21, 2020

Close Enough to Touch

In 1981, a young girl named Tina Barone had an up-close encounter with Bigfoot. The creature was in the family barn. Barone was apparently able to get up close to the creature and touch its fur. The Barone family claims that the Bigfoot had been following them after he wrecked their neighbor’s barn door. The most interesting thing is that the girl says the Bigfoot was not trying to hurt the family. She felt that it was simply curious.

Bigfoot Seen while Fishing

While on a fishing trip with his mother, a man claims he saw Bigfoot and made eye contact for about three seconds. After this, his mother grabbed him, quickly gathered their stuff, and headed for the car. The creature then growled and hid behind a tree.

Boy Stands His Ground

In the town of Eddington, Maine, a young boy who chose to remain anonymous claims that he saw a “white bigfoot” running into the woods, close to his family’s property. The boy, although frightened, refused to run away. Instead, he went to investigate. He held a stick by his side but the creature never came out.

Held Hostage by a Bigfoot Family

Most people claim to have had just a few second glances of a Bigfoot. Albert Ostman claims he was kidnapped and held hostage by a family of them. Ostman was in British Colombia looking for a long-lost gold mine. While he was there, a tour guide told him about another man looking for the same gold mine who had been killed by a Sasquatch. This piqued his curiosity and he went out looking for the creature. One night while sleeping out in the wilderness, Ostman felt himself trapped in his sleeping bag and being carried. It was dark so he couldn’t make out the creature, or the other ones nearby that he could hear. When it was light, Ostman saw them and described them as “humanoid creatures, unclothed and fully covered in shaggy hair.” He claims that the creatures were not threatening but still refused to let him leave.

Bigfoot and a Big Rig Driver

Some people who were skeptical of Sasquatch changed their tune when they had an encounter of their own. That’s what happened to a truck driver in Utah. He was hauling potatoes when he noticed something with glowing eyes on the side of the road. When he turned on his high beams, he saw a massive creature run across the road. The driver says it had to be at least 8 to 10 feet tall and weighed up to 800 pounds.
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