Big Brother is a show where strangers live in a house to compete for half a million dollars. In order to win the money, houseguests need to survive eviction each week. The power to nominate houseguests for eviction lies in the heads of the Head of Household. The final winner of the show is crowned after a vote from formally evicted houseguests who make up the jury. This creates a complicated dynamic as players need to evict each other without angering them, lest they lose their vote in the final.

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When targeting a player for eviction, houseguests also want to make sure they will be successful. These factors combined often lead houseguests to meticulously plan the evictions of other players, creating deals to ensure they have a solid vote. The goal is to do this without letting the targeted player know what is happening, removing their opportunity to plan a counterattack and effectively pulling off a blindside. Sometimes this plan works, and others it doesn't. Here are the 5 biggest and best blindsides and 5 that failed.

10 Failed: Targeting Elissa

In week 1 of Big Brother 15, HOH McCrae wanted to evict Elissa, though she tried to work with him during his reign. After winning the MVP power, Elissa had the opportunity to nominate a third houseguest for eviction. She shared this with McCrae, allowing him to pick the nominee in an attempt to build trust.

While McCrae originally nominated two other houseguests for eviction, he later used the Power of Veto to remove one of his nominations and put Elissa on the block. After his alliance talked it over, they decided to keep Elissa instead of evicting her, making all of this planning for nothing.

9 Blindside: Marcellas' Eviction

This season 3 eviction has served as a cautionary tale for future houseguests. Marcellas actually won the POV but decided not to use it on himself as he didn't want to force the HOH to renominate and was positive that he was staying.

It came as a major shock to him when he was evicted, especially as the deciding vote was the HOH he tried to save from nominating another houseguest. As he exasperatedly exited the house, he grabbed some of his clothes from the dresser as he was completely unprepared to leave.

8 Failed: Devin's Plan To Oust Zach

In Big Brother 16, a blindside was in the works only 2 weeks into the show. Zach was in an alliance with a group of people, including the HOH Devin. When Devin shared his plan with the group, Zach told him he didn't agree with it, angering the HOH.

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The two then had a conversation with Devin letting Zach know how offended he was. Zach held firm telling Devin that he thought he was building trust by being honest and telling Devin to "put him up" if that's what he wanted. Devin told him that that idea hadn't even crossed his mind. Still, at the veto ceremony, Devin put Zach on the block in an attempt to get him evicted. This plan didn't work as the alliance protected Zach and voted out Paola instead.

7 Blindside: Dustin's Eviction

Dick was a constant target during BB8. The houseguests didn't appreciate his crude attitude and rash behavior. Somehow, Dick managed to keep avoiding eviction. When Dick was finally on the block, Dustin was so thrilled that he asked to be put up next to Dick on the block as the pawn. He wanted the satisfaction of assisting in sending Dick out the door.

This is never a good move, but Dustin was positive that no one would choose to evict him over the long-running house target Dick. Unfortunately for Dustin, the votes flipped and he was sent packing.

6 Failed: Frank's Eviction

In season 14 of Big Brother, Frank became an impossible contestant to evict. With the house after him week after week, he continued to win competitions, make deals, and secure his place in the game. The house was almost successful in evicting Frank early on. When Shane won HOH, he planned to target Frank. He didn't put him on the block in hopes that Frank wouldn't play with the veto, nominating two pawns instead. When Shane won the veto, he then used it to remove Ashley from the block and replace her with Frank.

The plan to evict Frank was all set to go through when Julie threw a twist at the house. The returning players who had been playing as coaches were given the chance to enter the game as contestants. When taken, the eviction was canceled, sparing Frank from his demise.

5 Blindside: Ian Masterminding Boogie's Eviction

During the coaches twist in season 14, Big Brother legend Mike "Boogie" entered the house as a coach before being unwillingly thrust into the game as a player. As a coach, he mentored new player Ian and was excited to continue working with him as a player in the game. Unfortunately for Boogie, Ian had other plans.

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He secretly formed an alliance called the Quack Pack with Dan, Britney, and Shane. Ian let HOH Shane know that Boogie was coming after him and Britney, resulting in Boogie's nomination and eviction. After his eviction, Ian used his goodbye message to explain what happened to Boogie, leading to one of the most exciting post-eviction interviews of all time.

4 Failed: Nicole's Backdoor

A backdoor, originally called the 6-finger plan, is a move in which a group of players works together to send a target out of the house without giving them the opportunity to compete for the veto. Only two players in Big Brother history have ever survived a backdoor attempt, the most recent being Nicole from BB21.

Nicole tried to warn Nick and Bella about their alliance's betrayal which was then used against her as Nick plotted to backdoor her. After Kat removed Jess from the block, Nick thought his backdoor plan was complete. Instead, his alliance flipped on him sending Cliff out the door instead.

3 Blindside: Dan Evicting Shane

Dan Gheesling has mastered the blindside. He has successfully pulled off so many that it is hard to pick just one. There's "BB Roulette" which saw him nominate Michelle after promising Ollie she was safe and "Dan's Funeral" in which he verbally attacked Danielle in front of the whole house in an attempt to save them both. While those are both well remembered, Dan's savage manipulation resulting in Shane's eviction isn't as often talked about. Dan needed Shane out of the house but was close allies with Danielle, his showmance.

When Danielle won Hoh, she obviously wanted Ian out of the house. Dan told her to put him up to gain her trust. After Danielle won the veto, he told her to take him down because he didn't trust Shane, promising to evict Ian. This was all for show and Dan sent Shane packing. The look of horror on Danielle's face says it all. What's even more incredible is that even after this, Dan was still able to convince both Danielle and Ian to throw the first part of the final HOH to him.

2 Failed: Eric's Backdoor

Eric was the first player in BB history to survive the backdoor. In week 5 of BB8, Daniele won the HOH with her target in sight. She put two pawns on the block and kept Eric out of the veto competition.

When Jen used the POV, Eric was put up in her place. Daniele was sure she had the votes to evict Eric, but she was wrong. The vote flipped and Eric continued forward in the game.

1 Blindside: Vanessa Evicting Austin

This was probably the most satisfying blindside in BB history, partially due to the general dislike of Austin and his arrogance. Austin was so sure that he was staying, he didn't wear shoes to the eviction ceremony! When Vanessa cast her vote to evict him, he berated her telling her that she'd never win because she doesn't have the jury votes.

This hilarious eviction is a perfect example of why one should never be too comfortable in the Big Brother house.

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