The show BoJack Horseman evolved from being a comedy about a celebrity horse and his friends in Hollywoo to a surprisingly relatable animated story about dealing with depression. Well written characters with tremendous chemistry, as well as emotional moments, strong humor and fantastic writing made this show not only one of the best animated comedies, but also one of the greatest shows ever.

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As mentioned, one of the shows biggest strengths was its characters, who rode high and low moments to an ultimately satisfying conclusion. But what was each main character's highest point, and what was their lowest point? Let's see where Bojack Horseman, Todd, Princess Carolyn, Diane, and Mr. Peanutbutter's were at their best, and at their worst.

10 BOJACK HIGHEST: "Nice While It Lasted"

Going to prison may not exactly be a high point in your life, but it's clear throughout the series run that Bojack's biggest problem is his need for structure and support. Prison allowed himself to look in the mirror in a controlled setting and realize how self destructive he was, and by reuniting with his friends at Princess Carolyn's wedding he finally was able to reconcile and hear the truth from them.

Though it's clear that Bojack's relationship with each of the main cast is permanently changed to one where they keep their distance, it's clear that they are encouraging him to get back on the path that he was on before everything fell apart.

9 BOJACK LOWEST: Letting Sarah Lynn Die

In Season 3's "That's Too Much, Man!" we see Bojack and Sarah Lynn go on a prolonged bender, which concludes with Sarah Lynn dying of an overdose at the planetarium. It wasn't until Part 2 of Season 6 that we found out Bojack waited 17 minutes before calling 911 in order to provide an alibi. Had he not waited, she probably would have survived.

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As the revelations came to light about how Bojack ultimately destroyed the life of his TV daughter, his real life ultimately unraveled and led him down a destructive path that made him a pariah and nearly killed him. That moment also made fans realize why we were never meant to identify with Bojack.

8 Todd Highest: Coming Out As Asexual

Todd's character gradually evolved from comic relief to complex character when he began to question his sexuality, but it took until "Hooray, Todd Episode!" for him to acknowledge he was asexual.

Todd became the first ever openly asexual TV character, and as a result his character developed an arc, one where he began to see his purpose in life while building new relationships with fellow aces and revisiting old relationships with friends and family. On a meta level, Todd's VA Aaron Paul has said Todd has helped real life Aces come out and he is proud his character is an asexual icon.

7 Todd Lowest: The Sabotaged Rock Opera

Princess Carolyn famously said to Todd "Keep failing upward!" which generally described his character. Most of his failures were minor setbacks, and he usually bounced back with admirable resiliency.

That being said, Bojack helping Todd create his rock opera, only to sabotage him in the end to keep him dependent was the biggest crack in a relationship that was starting to become unstable. Even though Todd called it one thing in a long list of things that Bojack had done to wrong him, it certainly carried the most weight throughout the early part of the show's run.

6 Princess Carolyn Highest: Rehiring Judah

Princess Carolyn deserves a lot of credit for dealing with what she dealt with while being Bojack's agent, However her relationship with her assistant Judah was one of the more underrated elements of the show. Without Judah, VIM might not have survived as an agency, then a management organization. Her decision to fire Judah was definitely one she regretted.

Season 6 showed how important she realized Judah was, first as a coworker, then as a friend and eventually her boyfriend, before finally their marriage. Though PC is a strong character in her own right, Judah's support showed that she didn't have to be alone in her journey.

5 Princess Carolyn Lowest: "Ruthie"

The episode "Ruthie" showed a side of Princess Carolyn we thought we'd never see, one where she felt completely broken after dealing with failure after failure. Between breaking her necklace, losing a major client, learning she miscarried her child, firing Judah, breaking up with her boyfriend Ralph, and finding out her necklace was just cheap costume jewelry, it was heartbreaking seeing her completely destroyed.

The real gut wrenching part of the story was learning that her descendant telling the story about PC's really horrible day was a figment of her imagination, essentially a coping tool for when she feels her lowest.

4 Diane Highest: Working with Guy

While Diane is one of the strongest characters in the show, her ongoing battle with depression was one of the overarching themes of the show. When Diane became the face of Girl Croosh's video segment, she met Guy, a camera man. Unlike her ex-husband, Guy actually listened to Diane and insisted that she treat her depression.

Guy's encouragement and support helped her find success as a middle grade mystery writer and led to them marrying and relocating to Houston. As she explained to Bojack, who asked how she learned to trust her happiness, "I didn't, but I learned to trust him".

3 Diane Lowest: The Cordovia Saga

Diane's biggest character flaw was that she felt that she was a failure if she couldn't make a difference in the world. and that resulted in her fleeing to war torn Cordovia to assist philanthropist Sebastian St. Clair. Of course, assisting St. Clair meant she was tasked with writing his biography. Eventually fed up with St. Clair and seeing her work yield nothing positive, she flew back to LA and decided to hide from Mr. Peanutbutter for weeks.

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As a result, Diane fell into a period of listlessness where she camped out on Bojack's deck in her pajamas, eating pizza and drinking beer. Her actions ultimately contributed to Bojack breaking up with Wanda Pierce.

2 Mr. Peanutbutter Highest: Game Show Host

After his original sitcom ended, Mr. Peanutbutter preoccupied himself by taking gigs that were clearly below him, and making ill-advised financial decisions. It wasn't until Diane finally got on his case when they were approaching bankruptcy that he finally took things seriously. After starting as a shoe store salesman, Princess Carolyn convinced him to be the host of JD Salinger's game show.

That turned out to be his second big break, as it reignited his acting career, leading to multiple screen credits, which ultimately led to his Nobel Prize winning series Birthday Dad. Ultimately it solidified that he was a charismatic and likable TV actor and one of Hollywoo's brightest stars.

1 Mr. Peanutbutter Lowest: His relationship with Pickles

Mr. Peanutbutter's failures with women were a constant theme of the series, leading to three destroyed marriages. When he finally started a relationship with likeminded waitress Pickles, the expectation was that he would finally learn from his mistakes, in fact he even began to wonder why his relationships always failed.

Throughout the relationship with Pickles, it became clear why. While they shared the same disposition and mannerisms, it was clear that he was always the same subconsciously selfish, immature and impulsive dog, and those problems surfaced in ugly fashion at Bojack's Halloween party and when he cheated on Pickles with Diane.

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