The show Buzzfeed Unsolved has two focuses on both Supernatural and True Crime. The true crime side has always had a balance between the tragedy of the cases and the laughs between the two hosts Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara.

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The comedy on the show isn't scripted and instead plays out as two friends cracking each other up as Ryan and Shane have built a hilarious rapport over the years. Let's look back at some of the funniest episodes on the true crime side so far that lean more toward the laughs!

10 The Bizarre Road Trip Of A Missing Family (S2 E3)

Ryan and Shane have a fun time discussing this bizarre case of a family that decided to go on a weird road trip. Although it's an unsolved mystery what this family was up to on their odd trip the good thing is that no one was hurt or killed because of it, which is a rare story on the show. Both think that a shared delusion of the family wanting to get off the grid for fear of being followed is a solid theory.

9 The Mysterious Death Of The Somerton Man Revisited (S6 E6)

The most recent season of Buzzfeed Unsolved: True Crime has been a hilarious treat as Shane and Ryan are chaotic as ever. In this episode, to celebrate their 100th episode of the series, they revisit the first case the show looked at.

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Ryan reveals some hilarious stories about his mom tricking him when he was growing up and they have a fun time discussing a case that has multiple theories, but they both believe that the Somerton man being a spy is pretty solid.

8 The Puzzling Case Of Marilyn And Sam Sheppard (S6 E5)

Shane and Ryan discuss the case of Sam Sheppard, who was convicted of killing his wife when they couldn't find anyone else who could have done the deed. They discuss the tangled web of the case and have some laughs about some outlandish biases from the coroner and Judge presiding over the initial case. They also briefly discuss The Fugitive as the film was based on this real-life case.

7 The Tinseltown Murder Of Thelma Todd (S6 E3)

Shane and Ryan discuss the tragic death of the 1920s and 1930s actress. They have some great back and forth as they discuss the case and they share a few personal stories about odd things they've done while inebriated. Also, Shane has some great deadpan lines in this one including "hey, my brain is large" and "nobody's got to murder each other to get in the papers anymore."

6 The Creepy Quandry Of Who Put Bella In The Wych Elm (S6 E4)

This episode is full of ridiculous moments from Shane saying it sounds like fun to hunt for eggs with your boys to Ryan wondering if a skeleton stays intact or if hair begins growing under the skull. Ryan carefully crafts a theory that Bella was a spy and then debunks it a few minutes later, much to Shane's dismay as he was getting into the theory and buying it.

5 The Suspicious Assassination Of JFK (S2 E10)

Ryan and Shane discuss the controversy of the assassination of President Kennedy and get into the conspiracy theories around the shooting. In a longer episode, they're able to discuss the case in length and get into the nitty gritty details of each theory. It's an interesting episode that surprisingly has a lot of laughs, especially when they get into the "Umbrella Man" theory.

4 The Thrilling Gardner Museum Heist (S3 E2)

In another episode where no one was hurt, Shane and Ryan discuss a museum heist where art was stolen from a private collection. The episode has some hilarious dramatic re-enactments of the events and they have a fun time talking about the case, in particular, the guard on duty who didn't seem too bothered by the robbery. Also, Shane's iconic line tempting the audience to steal from the rich always gets a laugh.

3 The Treacherous Treasure Hunt Of Forrest Fenn (S4 E8)

This outlier episode sees the boys go on a real-life treasure hunt instead of discussing a true crime. The episode starts with them meeting with a Buzzfeed lawyer to make sure they can keep the treasure if they find it. The rest of the episode shows the two as they dress up in their best Indiana Jones outfits and search for gold. It's a fun and carefree episode that has a lot of laughs and a feelgood story about hiking out in the forest with your friends.

2 The Strange Disappearance Of D.B. Cooper (S1 E12)

Shane and Ryan have a fun time discussing the case of D.B. Cooper, who held a plane hostage for money and jumped out with a parachute, never to be seen again. They drink bourbon and sodas just like he ordered from the stewardess, laugh about his odd demeanor and dress including a clip-on tie and sunglasses, and wonder what happened to him after he jumped out of the plane. The two end up in tears over their jokes and bourbon and it's one of the best episodes to watch when you need a laugh.

1 The Eerie Case Of The Watcher (S5 E1)

The boys discuss a very recent case of a stalker and it's pretty creepy, but at the same time, it's one of the funniest episodes as their commentary takes over. They laugh at the outlandish vintage vocabulary the stalker uses in their letters and wonder what era the stalker's from. Also, Ryan and Shane both going off on a tangent and attributing any small convenience to The Watcher is one of the funniest things you'll see on this show. All hail The Watcher, baby!

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