Disney's wonderful world of characters are so lovable and convincing that fans are transported into their animated world and feel like they know it better than their own. Lion King fans know every single line to "Hakuna Matata" and they can tell you what color Lady's collar is in Lady and the TrampDisney fandom is the best kind of fandom.

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However, fans can't help but wonder what these beloved anthropomorphic characters would look like if they were actually humans. They sound like humans, they act like humans, and some even dress like humans. So why not scour the web for Disney characters looking and acting like Millennials? Keep scrolling to see 10 characters reimagined!

10 Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde Are Thick As Thieves


In 2016, Disney released the adorably inspiring film ZootopiaIn the movie, a bunny named Judy Hopps beats the odds of becoming a police officer, a dream she's had since she was an even tinier rabbit. When Judy joins the force, she's surprised to placed on parking duty but makes the job her own and perfects it. While on duty, she meets a con-artist fox named Nick Wilde and the two embark on a wild journey together. Although the two started off on bad terms, the ending of the movie sees them in a better light.

Here, Deviant artist Hyung86 drew Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde how they pictured them to be as humans. They even added a tiny carrot in Judy's headband!

9 Pooh Bear Transformed Into A Teenager

Winnie-The-Pooh was created by A.A. Milne. The story of a talking teddy bear grew into an entire world within the Hundred Acre Woods, and fans grew to love Pooh Bear's friends and neighbors.

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In the '60s, Walt Disney bought the license for Winnie-The-Pooh and created everything from movies to shows about Christopher Robin and co. Winnie-The-Pooh became increasingly popular and is still beloved to this day. Artist Shania showed her love for Pooh Bear by transforming the bear into a teenager enjoying the forest.

8 Lady From Lady And The Tramp

By Fernandez Suarez

Disney's Lady and the Tramp released in 1955 and is still extremely adored today. In 2019, Disney released a live-action rendition of the animated film that released on its streaming service, Disney+.

In the film, Lady is an adorable cocker spaniel who is loved by her owners but once they have a baby, Lady's needs are pushed aside. It's around this time she meets a street dog named Tramp and the two protect and learn from each other throughout the film.

Above, Artist Fernandez Suarez created Lady into a young woman who's rocking an ironic 'Spaghetti Date Nights' crop top.

7 Roxanne From The Goofy Movie Is Still A Book Lover

By Raichiyo33

Walt Disney Pictures released The Goofy Movie in 1995 to show fans a new side to Mickey's best friend, Goofy.

In the film, Goofy and his son Max are sadly butting heads because Max is a young teenager coming into his own. Right before summer vacation begins, Goofy and Max have different ideas how their summers will go, which causes even more tension.

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Throughout the movie, though, Max and Goofy eventually come together and see eye-to-eye. In the movie, we meet an anthropomorphic dog like Max named Roxanne. Roxanne is Max's crush and is transformed into a young student thanks to artist Raichiyo33.

6 Dory Has Some Edge

By Nerissa Xue

Pixar and Disney's Finding Nemo and Finding Dory did incredible in the box office. Finding Dory even surpassed $1 billion! In the franchise, Nemo gets separated by his father Marlin. Marlin begins a quest to find his son and meets Dory along the way. Dory seemed helpful at first but Marlin soon realizes Dory has some serious memory issues and isn't as helpful as he once thought. But she acts as his best friend and a comedic relief throughout the film.

Here, artist Nerizza Xue transformed Dory into a young woman who appears to be thinking deeply. Perhaps human Dory is a student here and is trying to learn about the East Australian Current!

5 Minnie Is A Cutie

Minnie Mouse was first introduced in a comic strip in the 1930s. She was created as the love interest of Disney's pride and joy, Mickey. Minnie was known for her red and white polka-dotted dress, matching bow, and bright yellow shoes. She looked like a ray of sunshine.

Funny enough, Minnie didn't act much like a mouse, besides loving cheese. She dressed and acted as a human would. Now, thanks to artist Kristen Reeves, we can see what Minnie would look like if she were a young woman. With big brown eyes and dark hair, Disney fans can totally see Minnie looking like this if she were a Millennial.

4 Bambi Is Looking Fly As A Young Man

By Hyung86

Bambi is one of those Disney movies with a heartbreaking introduction. Viewers meet little Bambi and his mother as they try to survive through winter and just as spring has sprung, Bambi's mother is killed in a hunting accident. Bambi is then forced to learn to survive without the guidance of his mother.

Bambi eventually meets friends along the way and learns the way fo the land. As a young man, Bambi would be brave and accomplished — just as artist Hyung86 drew him as.

3 Scar Scarred

By @noordinarymakeupmom

It's always fun seeing villainous animals transformed. There have been a couple of renditions of Scar transformed into a nice character but here, the artist chose to transform him into a human.

The artist wrote on Instagram, "This is a photo I took when I did Khal Drogo after I took the wig off and let my hair down. When I saw it I thought of Scar from the Lion King if he was human." After adding green to the eyes, the image became the perfect new version of Scar.

2 Fox & The Hound As Buddies

By Isaiah Stephens

Artist Isaiah Stephens did a phenomenal job of creating Fox and the Hound (Tod and Copper) into young Millennials. Tod can be seen in a plaid shirt and torn off shorts while Copper looks like he helps his family on the farm. Even if this artwork were by itself, it's easy to see how it connects to the successful Disney movie.

1 Nala Is A Stunner

Nala from The Lion King deserved more credit for how she handled things after Simba disappeared from Pride Rock. She was brave and confident when Simba runs into her again in the jungle and had it not been for her, Simba would have never come back to the Pride Lands.

Here, artist Isabelle Staub recreated Nala in a beautiful creation. The two share similar eyes and hair, proving that they're clearly connected.

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