A KFC fan has this week achieved the impossible by replicating the fast-food chain's notoriously secretive Original Recipe chicken... After eighteen months of failed attempts, of course. After the post went viral, KFC (UK and Ireland) have asked their followers to post photos of their attempts so they could rate them and the responses were savage as hell... Keep scrolling for a good laugh.

Out of all the big mysteries in life...

The secret recipe for KFC’s iconic fried chicken is by far the most sought-after.

For decades now, the Colonel has kept his chicken recipe close to his chest.

Though KFC was incorporated in 1955, Colonel Harland Sanders had actually been perfecting the recipe in the decades prior.

Even though he also cooked other foods, his fried chicken really stood out.

And, in the early 1940s, shortly after opening his first restaurant and motel, the newly-appointed Kentucky Colonel had finally perfected his “original recipe” chicken and thus, the KFC we know and love was born.

The restaurant was an instant success, and its growth across the country was rapid.

In the years following on from its debut, KFC restaurants began popping up all over America and, slowly, the rest of the world.

People were hooked on the Colonel's chicken.

And, as a result, KFC today stands as one of the most successful fast-food restaurants of all time with over 23,000 outlets all over the world.

But it's all thanks to one thing:

The Colonel’s timeless Original Recipe chicken, of course.

To this day, his original recipe remains one of the world's best-kept secrets.

The Colonel’s lips remained sealed regarding his infamous recipe right up until his death in 1980.

No one knows the true original recipe.

And the only information the Colonel ever revealed was that it contains “eleven herbs and spices”, and that it is made of ingredients that “stand on everybody’s shelf”.

Obviously, thousands of people have tried their hand at recreating the Colonel's delicious mix of herbs and spices themselves...

But very few have even been close to fully replicating the Original Recipe Kentucky chicken.

Until now.

After eighteen months of trying to recreate the KFC recipe at home, and clearly bored in self-isolation, one man has come forward to claim that he has cracked the herby, spicy code.

Twitter user, Dan Fell, took to the social media platform to boast about his achievement...

And to share the alleged Original Recipe with the world once and for all. After the recipe went viral, whoever runs the KFC Twitter account has decided to ask people to share their attempts to they can rate them… And the responses were savage.

1. 1/10.

Dan was trying to troll them, but they weren’t having any of it.

2. 4/10.

Oh yikes!

3. 0/10.

I didn’t sign up for this.

4. 5/10.

Doesn’t look too appetizing to me…

5. 5/10.

A soccer joke I don’t really get but the rating says enough.

6. 9/10.

I think we have a winner because it just gets worse from here…

7. 7/10.

The bread let this one down.

8. 2/10.

All that effort for what? Nothing.

9. 1658/10.

A little bit of cheating going on here…

10. 1/10.

What a mess.

11. 0/10.

We do not condone the consumption of pets and neither does KFC.

12. 9/10.

Good question, why is there a plastic spoon?

13. 8.5/10.

That box scored some extra brownie points.

14. 0/10.

I think this one definitely needs a bit more seasoning.

15. 8/10.

This one looks pretty good to be honest.

16. 6/10.

Neither of them look flattering…

17. 6/10.

KFC went in on this user.

18. 1/10.

Thank your lucky polka dots.

19. 6/10.

Is that an onion bhaji?

20. 9/10.

Those fries look hella good and KFC approves!

21. 7/10.

You tried, hunny.

22. 2/10.

At least the mash kind of pulled it back, right?

23. 7/10.

Is dandruff considered a spice now? Ew.

24. 7.5/10.

Should have stopped at the zinger.

25. 5/10.

I think KFC was being a little generous here…

26. 5/10.

There are always terms and conditions with whoever runs this account.

27. 6/10.

Dry chicken is a big no-no.

28. 7/10.

They were pretty impressed by this serving.

Is anyone else suddenly really hungry for KFC?

Well, with all KFC restaurants closed until further notice and Dan’s pretty legit-sounding recipe, there’s nothing stopping you from stepping into the Colonel’s shoes for the day. Happy cooking! But if you think this chicken is too unhealthy for you, worry no more. One man ate KFC for an entire week and actually ended up losing weight. Keep scrolling for the full story…

Matthew McConaughey has been well and truly been stepping up during this pandemic crisis.

While millions of us remain in quarantine as a result of the ongoing medical pandemic, the actor has decided to help out those who are less fortunate than himself.

But firstly, let's rewind a few years.

Matthew is best known for being one of Hollywood’s most loved actors and he has graced our screens since the 1990s.

He has made quite a name for himself...

He has starred and co-starred in movies such as How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days (2003), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009), Magic Mike (2012), Dallas Buyers Club (2013), and The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) which have all demonstrated how he is such a versatile actor.

But alongside his talents on-screen...

Matthew is also known for being a generous and compassionate person.

And his most recent acts have certainly shown that...

We are all more than aware of the global pandemic that we are currently living through.

The virus has now infected more than a million people...

And the death rate is rapidly rising day by day. People are now living in fear and despair, and it’s safe to say that things are getting out of control.

Our elderly residents are by far at the highest risk from the deadly virus.

The virus is considered most dangerous to the elderly and those who suffer from existing health issues – which is a lot of the world’s population.

These people are more likely to suffer from serious, and potentially deadly, health issues as a consequence of the virus.

So it is of the utmost importance that they remain quarantined and away from other people.

Our nursing homes have taken a huge hit during the pandemic...

With many members of staff being unable to come into work, they have been needing all the help they can get.

People have been helping out as best as they can...

And thousands of volunteers have been pitching together to somehow assist their elderly neighbors in any way possible.

And, while most have been helping out in more practical manners...

Others have been focusing more on bringing a simple bit of happiness to the lives of the residents.

Now we introduce Matthew McConaughey's first act of kindness...

The actor wanted to give a little back to the quarantined residents at The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living facility in his home-town of Texas. 

While other celebrities of his status have been filming themselves singing and complaining about being isolated in their mansions...

McConaughey decided to use his voice to spread joy in a slightly different, yet more effective way to the others.

He devised together a plan to lift the spirits of those residing at The Enclave...

And what’s more uplifting than a good, old fashioned game of bingo?

The actor, seen here towards the bottom right corner, decided to host a virtual version of the game...

Where residents who were self-isolating in their rooms could all join in via a giant Zoom video call.

Joined by his mom, wife, and 2 children, McConaughey hosted the virtual game...

Where he enthusiastically called out numbers and declared any potential winners.

"We've got an I-24, an I-24..."

As he clarifies the lucky drawn number, 2 residents suddenly shout out “Bingo!”, in which the actor and his family yell in celebration.

It was the most heartwarming moment.

And the look of joy on the residents’ faces was simply undeniable.

And, once their game had finished, the residents had their own words of thanks for the actor...

They wanted to pay tribute to an important message the actor had given to the world last month.

In March, the actor took to Twitter to offer some very wise words regarding the ongoing pandemic.

He reminded everyone that all red lights eventually turn green, saying: “I just want to say, in these crazy times… Let’s take care of ourselves and each other. Let’s not go to the lowest common denominator and get paranoid. Let’s do our due diligence and take the precautions that we need to, to take care of ourselves and those around us.”

So, as a thank you, the residents decided to hold up their own "green lights."

One of the facility’s workers said: “I wanted to say, from all of us, we want to continue to turn a red light into a green light,” as all the players held up their own green pieces of paper with inspirational messages written on the front. 

As they held up their signs, the actor exclaimed loudly...

And sat back in his chair, slowly clapping with a huge smile on his face.

Matthew's kindness has gone such a long way...

And the actor didn’t stop there.

Matthew and his wife, Camila, made a special delivery recently.

The couple has been working closely with Bethenny Frankel‘s disaster relief initiative BStrong to ensure first responders across the United States are getting masks and supplies they need to stay safe throughout this crisis.

They have donated 80,000 face masks to organizations in between Austin and New Orleans.

“Matt and I were able to get approximately 80,000 masks, and it’s a combination of surgical masks and KN95 masks that will be distributed between Austin and New Orleans, where they were getting hit pretty hard as well,” Camila told PEOPLE.

They want to make sure that everyone on the front line is covered...

“It was important for us to make sure that here in Austin, not just the hospitals got them, but also the police department and the fire department as well. In this moment, we’ve got to find ways to help both sides because they’re all on the front line right now and we can’t afford to lose any of them,” she went on to say.

The couple aren't interested in making the most money...

“This is not about raising the hand and saying, ‘Hey, I’ve put this much money in it.’ This is about raising the hand and making people aware that this exists,” Camila explained. “It took me over two weeks to find this cause, so it’s about raising the hand and saying, ‘This exists and guess what? Still time to help.’ And if you can’t help with this, find your own avenue where you can help and feel useful during this time.”

Matthew and Camila went out on Thursday to personally make sure the donated supplies made it to their final destination in Austin, where they live.

Camila posted the video to Instagram, saying: “Our mission is to protect those who protect us, by providing healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, and others with approximately 80,000 masks needed to battle the virus. Matthew and I, our friends Bill and Tracey Marshall have teamed up with the organization #BStrong. We are passionate about helping first responders from our hometown Austin – Texas, Louisiana and nationwide as we combat this national pandemic. #thisisacrisis.”

It's refreshing to see a couple who truly care about this cause and making a difference to others...

Rather than boasting about the amount of money they have risen and low-key showing off their wealth – which is what a lot of celebrities have been doing in the last few weeks.

For more on the McConaugheys...

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