Michael Scott, Regional Manager of the Scranton Branch Dunder Mifflin and Leslie Knope of the Parks Department are two of the most compared people due to their similar shows and impact on pop culture.

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Both The Office and Parks & Rec have been intertwined and have shown us an office job isn't as boring as it looks. But when it comes to which show had the real best boss, who is it? We made a list to compare both Michael and Leslie to see who the real boss is.

10 Leslie: More Resourceful

In just about every episode of Parks & Rec, the parks department is thrown a task thats almost impossible to accomplish until Leslie comes along. About 99% of the time she usually solves the problem and either saves the dept or just makes it look darn good.

As someone who is clearly very passionate about their job, Leslie gets the edge here because she tends to come up with solutions whereas Michael would just try to pass off the problem to someone else or have a lot of help to figure out the problem.

9 Michael: More Compassionate/Empathetic

Michael has always had a big heart for his team at Dunder Mifflin. He may not always have the bet way of showing it, but he's compassionate and he cares more about the individual than the job itself.

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Whether it be acting like a father figure to the young Erin or being the only coworker that showed up to Pam's art show, Michael is definitely a compassionate guy.

8 Leslie: Better At Her Job

Leslie is without a doubt the hardest worker and the most prepared for any situation. She has binders full of solutions for just about any situation and she rarely gets overwhelmed with chaos.

From the way she treats her coworkers/boss, to the way she's well known around the small government scene in Pawnee, it's safe to say she has a good reputation for getting things done efficiently.

7 Michael: More Family Oriented

Just about every episode of The Office has Michael attempting some team-building exercise or something team oriented to bring him closer to the people he thinks are the coolest.

He's at just about every event he's invited to (and sometimes not invited to) because he wants to strengthen the relationship he has with his coworkers.

6 Leslie: Better Leader

Leslie hardly has to convince her team to follow her because they know its usually for a better cause. Whether it be building a park in a giant ditch, or running for office, she puts her money where her mouth is.

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She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and her team knows that. She is always there for her department and in turn they are always there for her.

5 Michael: More About Making Work Fun

Another running joke in The Office is the constant parties thrown for little to no reason half the time. When he's not planning team building exercises, he's assigning the PPC (Party Planning Committee) with yet another party or fun, extravagant event.

He sees it as a way of making work less boring and boosting morale for his team.

4 Leslie: More About The Business

Leslie always has one thing in her mind, making the parks dept the best in the entire city. She pushes her team to be the best they can be and she is constantly innovating and networking to make sure people know who the Parks dept is.

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She sees the big picture and she knows what her skills and expertise are all about.

3 Michael: More Memorable Moments As A Boss

When Michael left to marry in Denver, he left a hole that no one could fill. It was an emotional good-bye for him, leaving a chunk of his heart in the place he had worked at for so long.

Although Leslie had a similar impact as the boss, Michael set the standard in his small office and nobody was really able to fill his place after he left.

2 Leslie: Better Relationship With Coworkers

One of the running jokes in The Office is how annoyed the workers at Dunder Mifflin get at Michaels constant tactics and overall tomfoolery. When it comes to Leslie Knope, she knows when to work and she knows when to play.

Because of her charisma and her natural social ability, she has a solid relationship with all her coworkers and they show a lot of respect for her. She puts her neck on the line for them, and they do the same for her.

1 Michael: Better At Working With What He Had

Steve Carell during a meeting scene from the American version of The Office

The Parks dept in Pawnee had a lot of smart individual and overall great chemistry with each other. In Scranton, it was a lot more dysfunctional, from drama to bickering, all the way to literally verbally abusing each other, it was always a tough day at the office.

But Michael made it work. He kept the dept running smoothly despite all the dysfunctional arguing and personalities.

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