Over half of the United States is now in lockdown and many cities have been issuing curfews to residents in a desperate bid to get this pandemic under control. But police in Louisiana took things a step too far by blasting a siren used in The Purge to signal the curfew. The footage is so eery...

As of today, the U.S. has 400,549 active cases of the deadly virus.

This also includes 12,857 known deaths – the highest number of deaths in one country.

Our country appears to have become the new epicenter of the pandemic...

And without a doubt, we have become the hardest hit as of last month.  

This news comes just weeks after President Trump said he wants the nation "opened up and just raring to go by Easter."

Trump has repeatedly expressed how eager he is to lift lockdowns within weeks, despite warnings from experts and doctors that if the nation returns to work, cases of the virus could spike once again. Little did he know…

New York seems to be the hotspot for coronavirus cases here in the States.

So much so, that last week, those who have been in New York, specifically, the New York metro area, are being asked to quarantine for fourteen days.

New York state alone has accounted for 142,384 cases...

And 5,489 deaths – most of which have occurred in New York City.

According to a New York doctor, the number of patients on ventilators "more than doubled" in the last 2 weeks.

Dr. Craig Smith, chair of the department of surgery at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York City, explained, “We have not exhausted our existing supply of ventilators but if we keep doubling every three days, we might.”

Things are deadly serious...

But clearly, some people just don’t realize the severity of the pandemic.

The recent scenes from Spring Break at Miami beach is a prime example...

And, quite frankly, it has painted a terribly embarrassing picture of our country as a whole.

The numbers of people infected with the virus almost doubled since the antics in Miami and Florida...

And if this doesn’t teach the youngsters how serious this pandemic is, we honestly don’t know what will.

Everyone working in healthcare has been affected by the pandemic...

And first responders and emergency service workers have been working around the clock in a desperate bid to help keep the numbers at bay.

We cannot thank these heroes enough...

But we can at least try through some public tributes!

A very public tribute was made last week in the heart of New York City.

The Empire State Building was magnificently lit up to say thank you to the first responders and the emergency service workers.

It was lit up to resemble a red siren which represented the heartbeat of the United States...

And it certainly didn’t fail to do this!

But residents were left feeling a little unnerved by this tribute.

A giant flashing siren overlooking the entire city isn’t exactly the most peaceful of atmospheres… is it?

Many described it as a "nightmare"...

And even though some people saw a humorous side to it, the vast majority didn’t.

And we must admit...

It is pretty haunting to see a giant red siren flashing over the entire city.

But it seems that New York City isn't the only one alarming its residents unintentionally.

These are already tense times and what a community doesn’t need is a siren being blasted through the streets… especially the siren from The Purge.

Yep, you heard that right.

Earlier this week, police in Crowley, Louisiana issued a siren very similar to the one used in the horror movie, The Purge, to let residents know about the 9 pm curfew they had set for the lockdown.

For those who aren't familiar...

The Purge is James DeMonaco’s 2013 horror-thriller about a fictional America where for one night it becomes legal to commit any crimes, including murder, for a twelve-hour period. The siren in The Purge is heard to signal that the killing and crime sprees can begin.

The siren eerily sounded through the empty streets and residential areas...

And it looked and sounded utterly terrifying.

The curfew prohibits citizens from leaving their homes between the local hours of 9 pm and 6 am...

And the police department said the curfew went into place because the city is located in the state’s Acadia Parish, which has “received the worst rating for the rapid spread of the virus, meaning it has been put into place in order to try and slow the spread.”

Why they used a siren similar to that from The Purge is beyond us...

And it certainly worked in scaring a lot of local residents.

Crowley Police received a lot of backlash for the use of the siren...

And the Police Chief Jimmy Broussard has now issued a statement of apology to his city.

Broussard had no idea that the siren resembled similarities to the movie...

He said in a statement to the local ABC news affiliate KATC that he was unaware the signal being used for the coronavirus curfew was the same signal heard in The Purge.

The chief assured citizens that The Purge siren would not be used again...

“We have received numerous complaints with the belief that our agency was involved in this process. We were not involved in the use of the “Purge Siren” and will not utilize any type of siren for this purpose. Calls regarding this matter should be directed to the Crowley Police and Chief Broussard and not the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office,” he said.

Check out the harrowing sirens here...

And make sure to keep scrolling to check out how squirrels took over a local California park during lockdown…

The government has made a lot of promises over the last month.

But what does it all really mean for you and me?

The blanket economy devastation has prompted a fierce debate.

How long can the country stay closed for business?

President Trump expressed optimism in late March.

Saying that he might be able to tell workers to get back to business by Easter, April 12th.

But that's now looking unlikely.

Trump eventually changed his tune when scientists and doctors discouraged the idea, saying it could prolong the crisis and make more Americans sick.

Now, the White House says guidelines will remain in place until the end of April.

Recommending that all Americans continue to shelter from the virus.

But new estimates have been released.

The White House coronavirus task force shared on Monday, that even if the rate of infections and death tolls peak in April, the virus will still be prominent in May.

The secretary of Labour, Eugene Scalia, can't give us answers.

He said earlier this week that the six hundred dollar boost to unemployment checks would be delivered to states this week.

But he couldn't say when people would actually start receiving the money.

The Treasury Department has said that it expects small businesses to be able to apply for emergency loans by Friday.

It won't ever have to be repaid.

As long as the money is used to cover paychecks and other expenses that will enable them to stay in business, such as paying rent.

The economists didn't expect it to be this bad.

Those who have studied the unemployment statistics expected it to be a bloodbath, but the reality is so much worse.

The American job market is imploding like never before.

Over 6.6 million people filed for unemployment for the first time just last week, which is even worse than the historically unprecedented 3.3 million claims the week before that.

It's a mushroom cloud of bad economic news.

It was the Bureau of Labor that released the new jobless total on Thursday morning.

It exposes the extent of the current economic devastation.

The pandemic has left millions of workers secluded at home, bringing everyday life as we know it to a standstill.

It's only getting worse.

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The figures suggest that roughly 10 million Americans have lost their jobs over the last two weeks.

Economist's estimations were completely off.

Morgan Stanley had expected a number closer to 4.5 million, whereas Goldman Sachs estimated roughly 5.5 million. The reality is, it would be more accurate if you added both their estimates up.

They have been left wondering how long this carnage can go on...

And so have the rest of America. Goldman Sachs predicted this week that the U.S. economy will shrink by 34%.

The U.S. unemployment is set to rise another fifteen percent by mid-2020.

But there is some positive news, the banks predict that half the economic decline should be recovered by the end of this year, as the cases of coronavirus begin to decline.

The numbers have revealed fresh job losses.

These are in the industries that were first hit by the virus, such as hotels and restaurants.

But damage is radiating out of other sectors now too.

According to the Department of Labour, these are; healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and construction.

The government has scrambled to prop up the economy.

Spending 2 trillion dollars in emergency aid, which cheered up the stock market, but hasn’t saved any jobs so far.

The new measures include...

A $600 weekly bump in unemployment benefit checks for laid-off workers across the country, $1,200 checks to be sent directly to American adults, $350 billion in loans to small businesses and gig economy workers, and a $500 billion fund for loans to industries and states.

Many officials in Washington think that this spending won't be enough.

Congress is looking into this and discussing a further round of stimulus.  

Hopefully, things will return to normalcy as soon as possible.

The more people following social distancing rules, and remaining isolated, the quicker this virus will die off. Keep scrolling to see what an infected man from New York did to see his newborn baby…

One man who was sacked was Brett Crozier.

Crozier was a captain in the US Navy and he was fired after sounding the alarm on COVID-19.

The letter said 'sailors do not need to die'.

Crozier’s letter was sent to Navy commanders about the threat of coronavirus and how it could wipe out many members of the Navy.  

The letter was leaked to media.

And in the letter he urged officials to release his crew of 5000 members to slow the spread of the deadly virus. He was then fired for not ‘safeguarding’ the information.

But his crew felt he did the right thing.

And he was given a massive send off by his crew while he walked the plank alone for the last time.

Check it out below:

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