As a series, The 100 is continually reinventing itself -- and along with it, the characters. As the world develops, so do the opinions, choices, and relationships of the characters. Not every friendship or relationship has survived the ground, but some have grown stronger through all the chaos.

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In a world where loyalties can be continuously called into question, some have stuck together closer than others. However, others do not get enough time on screen to watch their dynamic continue to play out, as they are more consistently paired with other characters. While the dynamic between Clarke and Bellamy may be the most potent duo the series has to offer, others have certainly made their mark as well.

10 Best: Monty And Jasper

The 100 did not emphasize many groups of delinquents that knew each other when they hit the ground. Three main pairs had known each other from the Ark (Clarke and Wells, Bellamy and Octavia, and Monty and Jasper). All three were drastically different relationships, but Monty and Jasper may have had the healthiest relationship at the start. The two were there for each other and looked out for each other.

Their friendship is always significant to their journeys. While Jasper spiraled after losing Maya, Monty never lost hope for his best friend. As they healed, the boys returned to pranks and trying to enjoy life before Jasper decided to end his life on his terms just before the death wave. In his wake, Jasper left a letter for Monty. Years later, Monty and Harper named their son after Jasper.

9 Not Enough: Murphy And Clarke

While Clarke and Bellamy came to an understanding throughout season one, it took Clarke and Murphy longer to find their footing. However, once they did, their relationship became different from several others.

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At their cores, Clarke and Murphy are survivors, and that status proved itself continually throughout the series as they remained to be part of the last group of members from the delinquents. They push each other, not letting the other get away with negative actions, and calling them out for behavior. Yet, they also have held respect for each other.

8 Best: Octavia And Indra

Although Lincoln was Octavia's introduction to Grounder culture, her education did not end with him. Indra took up the job of teaching Octavia everything about Trikru fighting styles, the language, and more. During the Dark Year, Indra stood by Octavia's side no matter what, because Octavia needed all the help she could get.

While Indra admitted that Blodreina was not the best leader, she was the one they needed at the worst of times. Indra later asks Octavia if loving Octavia makes Indra weak. Indra took in Octavia like as her second when Gaia went in a different direction as a Flamekeeper.

7 Not Enough: Bellamy And Raven

Raven was supposed to be Bellamy's right hand after Praimfaya. While Raven's loyalty is to Bellamy, they do not spend much time together in individual episodes. Their relationship is mentioned or acknowledged but is not seen as often.

If Raven was meant to be Bellamy's co-leader in the aftermath of thinking Clarke was dead, then it should have been seen in their interactions that they had a developed understanding, or that Raven was looked at as a leader. However, once Clarke is discovered to be alive, Raven blames Clarke for choices, and Bellamy goes back to spending more time with Clarke.

6 Best: Clarke And Madi

Just like several other of the closest relationships, Clarke and Madi did not start on the best foot. As the only two people left on the ground, Clarke and Madi were forced to become close. Their relationship transformed from uneasy allies to having a mother-daughter dynamic.

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Clarke and Madi looked out for each other after reuniting with everyone else, but Madi was not afraid to call Clarke out for her actions. Meanwhile, Clarke did everything in her power to protect Madi from receiving the Flame. Seeing Clarke a second away from committing suicide was the push Madi needed to break through from Sheidheda possessing her.

5 Not Enough: Clarke And Octavia

Clarke and Octavia always had a rocky relationship. Their friendship started from the excitement of exploring the Earth, and they remained close after reuniting with the Ark. However, their relationship later took a turn for the worst as Clarke and Octavia's opinions on how to handle situations left people dead.

They were once a dangerous team, a leader and a fighter on the same side of the board. Their dynamic changed several times. Later, Octavia helped Clarke when Josephine was fighting for Clarke's body. After everything they had gone through, Clarke and Octavia deserved to develop their relationship more.

4 Best: Raven And Murphy

From enemies to friends, Raven and Murphy have transformed into a unified team. While they do not share the emotional scope of Bellamy and Clarke, their relationship is an example of how people can grow together. They were an unlikely pair when they met, especially as Murphy was responsible for Raven's leg injury.

However, circumstance continually pushed them together, and after spending six years together, it is evident in season five just how much they've grown to respect and care for each other. Their different perspectives allow Raven and Murphy to see things in a different light.

3 Not Enough: Bellamy And Echo

Bellamy and Echo's romantic relationship began off-screen during the six-year time jump. Once returning to the ground, their relationship continued in the face of the fight for Eden and Octavia's rage. In the following season, their relationship still held up.

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While they continued to be in a relationship, Bellamy and Echo did not spend a lot of time together on-screen. Bellamy and Echo's relationship as two people who care about each other is more convincing than their romantic relationship, especially when Bellamy spends an entire season worrying about Clarke Griffin.

2 Best: Clarke And Bellamy

The 100 Season 4 Premiere Bellamy Clarke

Clarke and Bellamy have the most developed relationship on The 100. Even without the status of a romantic couple, they have the most durable bond and most emotional scenes when compared to any other pair. The show needs them and their relationship to work.

Clarke and Bellamy handle anything that comes their way together and are a force to be reckoned with. They have gone through so much and come out the other side with forgiveness being a centerpiece.

1 Not Enough: Octavia And Diyoza

Octavia and Diyoza were enemies from the moment they met. With each of them wanting the valley for themselves, neither left much room for an open negotiation. Their inability to agree to a truce led to the war that cost everyone the valley. Only after Octavia and Diyoza were both considered murderous tyrants and outcast from the rest of the group did they ally.

Their time searching for Gabriel brought them closer together as they fought to survive against the Children of Gabriel and the Primes. Octavia had looked out for Diyoza so much that she had chased Diyoza into the Anomaly. Later, Diyoza's adult daughter, Hope, arrives for Octavia. Diyoza and Octavia did not get a lot of time on-screen to explore their dynamic, and the final season would have to go deeper to explain what happened in the Anomaly.

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