The world's a tough place, and we're all just bumbling through, trying to make rent and keep up-to-date with our friends and exercise once in a while and maybe read a book for like 30 seconds before we fall asleep. The point is, we're all just doing our best out here. But in the whirlwind of just trying to stay alive, you may be doing something that just screams "I'm uneducated." Hey, it's not your fault! I'm sure it's just an oversight or something you just have to do to make it through. Or maybe you really weren't educated. That's fine too! But you should at least know what you're putting out into the world. If being seen as uneducated sounds abhorrent to you and you do any of the following things we pulled from this vital Ask Reddit thread, take heart. You change these behaviors, and everyone will realize, once and for all, that you are absolutely educated.

Do not revel in ignorance.

A person who makes fun of someone else for knowing something that is covered in school. I’ve worked at a few different places doing manual labor and this type of behavior wasn’t uncommon. – hahwke

People who actually went to the school of hard knocks do not need to advertise that they went to the school of hard knocks.

Putting the school of hard knocks in your profile. – jl_theprofessor

There's not a big difference between intellect and intellectual curiosity.

Thinking you’re the smartest around. On average, people who are smart don’t think they know everything on a subject while dumbasses think they do. – Le_Red_Spy

Black and white thinking doesn't do anyone any good.

Being “all or nothing.” Not understanding that an issue can have many problem, many solutions and many facets. And wow I feel like a judgemental jerk for saying that. – WickedStupido

Actually, learning is fun.

Having no interest in learning new things. The smartest people are always asking good questions and soaking up new ideas and facts. – neverbeaten


People who think talking louder in an argument means you’ve won. You don’t need to look for the uneducated person, you’ll hear them coming. And pray for your ear drums if two get into an argument. Your poor ears are going to feel like glass is being jammed into them. – demonardvark

"Excuse me, waiter? I know more about the menu than you do now."

People who argue with restaurant staff about what is on the menu. You can bet they behave that way 24/7 365. – Adamdidit

Remember — college rules.

Criticism of educated people. I was sorry for the young kid. – fantazja1

Question. Everything.

Someone who does something because it’s the norm. For example — Smart: I use an iPhone because I like them and out of all phone interfaces it best suits me. Dumb: I use an iPhone because I don’t want a broken android making me look broke. – JayJet4

I literally can not imagine being so much of a psychopath that I play music out of my phone speakers on the bus.

Playing horrible loud music on the bus or metro. – Jotsifo

Have you even tried Harry Potter? That'd make anyone want to read.

People who brag about not reading. – harmie25609

Jocks and honor students have been living in peacetime for years.

Having the bumper sticker that goes something like: “My son beat up your honor student.” I feel bad for their kids. I feel bad for them. I feel bad that anyone thinks it is cool/edgy/or anything but plain old sad. – notalaborlawyer

This shows you have a loquacious mind.

Using big words in the wrong context. Heard a gentleman say that a political party had “astigmatism” about it, rather than “a stigma” and I didn’t have the heart to correct him, because it was abundantly clear that he’s always right. – TurnerOnAir

But even the educated mess up "its" and "it's."

Inability to understand there, their and they’re. – a-l-e-x-t-o-p-i-a

A rich man doesn't have to tell you they're rich.

Challenging people to IQ contests. – Yeemo

And you gotta get them all Christmas presents? Bum deal.

Probably going to get hate for this, but… people who have WAY too many kids. Obviously, there are people out there who have lots of children and are educated, but they are actually a minority. People who aren’t well educated tend to have tons of kids, especially if they can’t afford one child. – AnimeHeadShot101

Calvin and Hobbes artist Bill Watterson did not authorize those.

The sticker of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes peeing on things. – engremma

Keep your conversations to yourself.

People who use their phones on speaker in public. The entire dang restaurant doesn’t need to hear about the results of your pap smear. – demonardvark

Schoolwork strengthens the mind. Artwork strengthens the soul.

Completely dismisses the liberal arts, forgetting that education isn’t just about making you a good worker. Some of it is about making you a more complete human being. – 20150506_flamethrowa

This should go without saying.

I’ve never met an intelligent, educated individual who has felt the need to make bigoted comments towards people, especially in public. Racism, sexism, homophobia, or any “fear of those who are different” is a surefire way to find out that someone’s an idiot. – ronswansondiet_

When someone tells you who they are, believe them.

Someone yelling “I’m uneducated.” – theweirdlip

This one drives me crazy.

“I seen it yesterday” Seriously? – arustydoorknob

Facebook literally just said they don't care if their ads are true or not.

Getting your news from Facebook. – moo-moo-moo-moo-moo

You know what's really cool? Volunteering.

People who think drugs are cool. – Azoz5643

In fairness, sometimes you're just not ready to hear what they have to say.

Going to an expert for answers (doctor, mechanic, whatever) and then dismissing what they’ve told you because the internet said something different. – Meats_Hurricane

This choice will define you.

People who watch Wheel of Fortune instead of Jeopardy. – dinkhouse69

"Guys, I thought we came to a consensus here?"

When you’re the 1 dentist of 5 that doesn’t agree. – AtrociousThoughts

This seems like a good use of time and money.

Big monster jacked up trucks “rolling coal.” – forbes52

The most beautiful thing you can do... is vote.

Not voting. – wixxxrrr

Can't argue with that.

Wearing a wig made out of spaghetti. – thermonuclearmuskrat
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