Folks, it's the day we never thought would exist... International "I Hate Cilantro" Day. Now, we all know someone who holds an avid distaste for the pungent green herb, but we never thought the hatred would go as far as getting its own formally recognized "international day." Keep scrolling for the full story, and to hear about the huge online community of global cilantro haters.  

Good old cilantro.

You either love it or you hate it.

This peculiar green herb has divided the nation for decades...

With people either drowning their recipes in the stuff or despising the mere smell of it.

Cilantro is typically used in Asian dishes...

And makes the perfect, yet pungent, garnish for various different curries.

Well, for most of us it does.

Despite the overwhelming popularity of this herb, there are just as many people out there who can’t stand the smell, sight, or taste of the stuff.

Admittedly, cilantro does have a rather unusual flavor...

When put into words, I’d describe the herb as having a floral, almost perfume-like aroma and taste.

It sounds pretty disgusting, doesn't it?

Well, I for one adore cilantro, and I certainly don’t think it deserves all the hate it receives.

But there are many avid cilantro haters out there...

Who are extremely passionate over their distaste for the stuff.

But why do such a select group of people hold such passionate hatred for the plant?

Genetics may just be the answer.

Studies have found that a person's genetic make-up could be the answer to their preference for cilantro.

Professor Russell Keast, who specializes in sensory and food science at Deakin University’s School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, explained: “Sense of smell is highly variable between people, so what I experience may not be what you experience, and this can be due to quantity, type and natural variations with smell receptors.”

A person's smell receptors determine the flavor of the herb.

So, while some will get an aromatic, herby flavor, others are likely to experience a pungent, soap-like taste. Science.

A scientific study only cemented this theory further...

The genetic testing company, 23andMe, surveyed 50,000 of their customers a couple of years ago, asking whether they liked the taste of cilantro or found it to be soapy.

And the results spoke for themselves.

Those who reported to not like the flavor were found to all have the same genetic variation in their DNA.

So it isn't your fault if you don't enjoy the plant.

And this finding, if anything, made cilantro haters even more passionate about their dislike over the herb.

And some were so dedicated to their hatred...

That they started up their own online community.

The Facebook page, I Hate Coriander was launched back in 2013...

And has since gained over 260,000 Facebook likes from cilantro haters all across the globe. FYI: Coriander is what the Brits call cilantro. Weird, I know.

The group was initially started as a joke...

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The only place it belongs 💩 #ihatecoriander #coriander

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And would revolve primarily around silly cilantro-based posts, such as taking photos of the plant in toilets and bins.

Even as a fulltime cilantro lover myself, I have to admit that the whole thing is very amusing.

For the first couple of years, the page simply reposted people’s creative ways of showing their distaste for the herb – For example, take this woman’s valiant efforts at flipping off a bunch of cilantro. 10/10 for effort.

But, as the anti-cilantro movement grew...

So did their brand.

I Hate Coriander has become much more than just a Facebook page...

And even sells cilantro hating merchandise for all those who despise the plant to buy and enjoy.

It's all rather ridiculous...

But hey, someone has to make a living out of this stuff, right?

And, while the group has been busy selling their cilantro emblazoned t-shirts and mugs...

They somehow managed to create their own “national day”.

Today, on February 24th...

Is the official “I Hate Coriander” Day.

Finally, after years of hard work, cilantro haters all over the world have their recognition.

Writing on their Instagram page, the administrator of the event explained: “A few years ago we decided to declare February 24th as the official, international ‘I Hate Coriander’ day.”

On this day, cilantro haters can unite...

And no longer feel alone in their hatred of the pungent plant.

Continuing the post, the page's owner explained:

“Needless to say, the legacy lives on, so today, tell a coriander loving friend, family member, colleague… even your postman if he loves it, to get in the bin where they belong alongside the Devil’s ‘Erb.” For some of the best cilantro memes on the page, keep scrolling…

Healthcare professionals all over the world have been powering through to help those in need.

But it’s heartwarming to know that it’s not just those out risking their lives who are going above and beyond to help where they can. So before we get into one man’s heroic gesture, let’s take a look at what acts of kindness others are sharing…

It's not just celebrities donating money.

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Watch until the end. #CoronaKindness

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People from all over have been donating money to small businesses all over the world.

Legendary fashion designer, Ralph Lauren, donated a generous $10 million last week.

But, of course, that wasn’t all. The fashion brand also announced that it is also preparing to produce medical-grade protective materials such as gowns and masks for frontline healthcare workers. WWD reports that the brand is working with its U.S. team to create 25,000 gowns and 250,000 masks.

L.A. Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer, has pledged $25 million.

The former Microsoft executive made the donation on behalf of himself and his wife.

Even Kylie Jenner has also done her bit to help.

Kylie Jenner donated the sum of $1 million dollars to help the fight. Her money will go towards providing face masks and other essential equipment.

Some celebs have come up with more creative ways to raise money.

Elton John hosted a benefit concert, titled iHeart Living Room Concert For America, on Sunday featuring a ton of famous faces performing from their homes including Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boys, Sam Smith, and Lizzo. As per the BBC, the amount raised from the event was not immediately revealed, but Procter & Gamble gave $500,000, which was also matched by Fox.

But of course, it's not just celebs who have been making a difference...

Organizations, companies, and of course, ordinary people have also been mucking in.

One man turned his school bus into a delivery truck for Food for Kids.

“They delivered 10,000 meals Friday. Made my day.”

Pay it forward.

This is such an amazing idea.

Even the smallest of gestures can go a long way.

Motivational messages and rainbows have been popping up on sidewalks and windows across the globe.

The most recent gesture of goodwill comes from a paramedic.

Shumel Rahman has been praised for making the difficult decision to shave off his beard in order to protect those around him while on the frontline.

The thirty-nine-year-old had been growing his beard for more than a decade.

He admitted that it wasn’t just part of his identity, but was an important part of his religion too.

Rahman works for the North East Ambulance Service in the UK.

He ultimately decided to shave off his beard to protect his patients and colleagues who he comes into contact with on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, face masks aren't designed with beards in mind, which means they don't fit safely on the face.

He shared the challenging decision on social media, saying it “wasn’t a step [he has] taken lightly.”

His post read...

“After a lot of thought and much deliberation I’ve decided to shave my beard off. This is to allow the respiratory equipment to fit properly. I’ve had a beard for well over a decade and I can’t remember the last time I shaved.”  

He got advice from his peers to help with the decision.

“I’ve consulted many Islamic scholars and teachers, locally and nationally, sought advice from fellow Muslim healthcare professionals and very helpfully from the BIMA British Islamic Medical Association. This is was not a simple yes or no answer, however this is exceptional circumstances, totally unprecedented and a unique situation.”  

There's no doubt this was an extremely courageous act, and one only he could decide to do.

“I’ve shaven off my beard to protect my patients, my colleagues and my family. One of the greatest acts is to save someone’s life. This simple act may help do that.”

His post has attracted a lot of attention on Facebook.

The ambulance service congratulated Mr. Rahman for his selfless actions, saying: “One of our Muslim colleagues, Shumel, has shaved his beard off to keep himself, his patients, his family and his colleagues safe. Being clean shaven ensures face masks fit correctly. Well done Shumel.”  

The post has been liked more than 1,200 times.

It’s nice to see people have been praising his efforts and acknowledging the sacrifice he had to make.  

He has received comments from all over the UK.

One person wrote: “Well done Shumel, I don’t know you personally but I know how much this is a sacrifice from within your faith,’ another simply said: ‘A fantastic paramedic.” While another commented: “Definitely not an easy decision, May Allah give you strength to fulfil your current duty and make you to grow back again.”

He ended his post by urging everyone to do their part in this trying time.

He wrote: “You can save lives by staying home and protecting the NHS, letting us get on with our job.”

What a hero.

If Shumel can make such a huge sacrifice in order to keep those around him safe, the least we can do as a country is stay home. If you’re in need of cheering up, keep scrolling to see what your favourite celebs are doing to help…
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