On the e-commerce giant that is Amazon, you can order anything from electronic goods to office furniture, 365 days a year and often have it delivered the very same day to your doorstep, at just the click of a button. But has all this convenience meant that it is far too easy to impulse buy something that is both bizarre and totally useless? However before we start this list, there’s a 16th Century Latin saying that goes ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison’ might well apply. I myself late one night a decade ago, on an impulse brought on Amazon a fully functional Yugoslavian Gas Mask. Why? Because I just wanted one. Surely a very bizarre and useless item to own? Well, maybe not now, as the recent Coronavirus outbreak and the ever growing threat of zombie apocalypse, could well turn out to be a very shrewd and practical purchase. So here is our ‘Top 25 Most Bizarre and Useless Products You Can Buy on Amazon’.  Please note: At the time of this article, all these Amazon product were available and the rankings quoted were correct. Gag gifts have not been included on this list as they serve a clear purpose and that is to be funny (supposedly!). Last Updated on March 11, 2020

1. Today’s Products, Tomorrows bizarre and Useless?

Pencils, erasers, calculators, non-rechargeable batteries and DVD’s, all these things technology is in the process of passing by. For soon they will be just a fond and distant memory, much like rolls of film and typewriters are. So many of today’s’ products are destined to be seen by the next generation as bizarre and useless oddities of a bygone age.  

2. A Mystery Product!

And this product is definitely a very bizarre one, as I have no idea what it is or what it does. It can be best describe as a cyborg finger. There are no manufacturer’s product description or reviews. And them calling it a ‘Best Shopper-Smart Nail Set Wearable’ does not help either. So this truly a bizarre and useless product! Rating in the top sellers list is unknown. Amazon (Canada) https://www.amazon.ca/Best-Shopper-Smart-Wearable-Gadgets/dp/B07KR9TGCC/ref=sr_1_12?keywords=gadgets&qid=1581314571&sr=8-12

3. The Umbrella Reinvented………….. yet again!

Maybe it is because the modern day umbrella has been around since the 17th Century, relatively unchanged or the fact that millions of them are sold each week across the world. So, there is always someone trying to reinvent it and make their fortune. Thus, we now have the spectacular hands free umbrella mounted on a plastic plate strapped to your back. Bizarrely it claims you will never lose it like a conventional umbrella by inadvertently leaving it somewhere by mistake. So are you meant to wear this all the time, like when visiting friends or going to the shops? And does this mean in cinemas you have to feel sorry for the person sat behind you and your back mounted umbrella. Rating in the top sellers list is unknown. Amazon (Singapore) https://www.amazon.com/Primo-Supply-Wearable-Hands-Free-Afternoons/dp/B07S9GK1PL/ref=pd_sbs_86_4/133-6253305-4108737?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07S9GK1PL&pd_rd_r=ec6c5d99-135e-4fef-899c-162a94e50d78&pd_rd_w=IrDJr&pd_rd_wg=Iou77&pf_rd_p=547f2794-55d2-4e81-a21e-8fe99f7ce60a&pf_rd_r=VNCHE25XXS150RNW3JDX&refRID=VNCHE25XXS150RNW3JDX&th=1

4. When it's worth more than it should be?

On Amazon there are advertised current British £5 notes starting with the serial number AK47, being sold for far more than their face value. The supposed reason for this is AK47 is the abbreviation for the iconic Russian made automatic rifles favored by terrorists, gangsters, enemy soldiers and Hollywood blockbuster movies. The sellers on Amazon would like to have you think that this is a rare prefix, when in fact there were 999,999 of these issued beginning with AK47. Rated as the 552 best seller in Amazon’s Banknote Collecting section. Amazon (UK) https://www.amazon.co.uk/England-note-polymer-condition-collectors/dp/B01MCZKMVJ/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=bank+note+ak47&qid=1581306319&sr=8-1

5. Chew Yourself to a Better You!

You exercise your body, so why not your mouth? Well, this small silicone ball claims to do just that, by exercising your mouth, head and neck muscles. The manufacturers say it is very much like you are chewing a large dollop of chewing gum. Claiming this will tone, firm and strengthen your head area, resulting in making you look more youthful. They also go as far as to claim, it is more effective than Botox or face fillers! This product is not back up by any clinical studies or medical evidence. In fact it has a disclaimer about having ‘No medical claims in the cure of any illness, safety of use, and or damage to gums and or teeth’. Then worryingly it goes on at length that if you get injured while using it, its not their fault. And in the review section there are over 200 poor ratings, some saying their teeth were damaged or destroyed by this device. Rated as the 145th best seller in Amazon’s Facial Treatments & Masks section. Amazon (South Africa) https://www.amazon.com/Jawzrsize-Exerciser-Neck-Toning-Resistance/dp/B01N4R5VY2/ref=sr_1_56?keywords=excercise&qid=1581311923&sr=8-56&th=1
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