Every bride has her day. The one day when every bride feels like the true princess of her very own fairytale. We all know the bride does the majority of the planning for the big day. And that is why some brides choose to hire a wedding planner — to ensure the day is perfect. But even when you do all the perfect planning, things can and still will go wrong. Things that go awry are sometimes just simply out of your control. Just about anything can happen when you think about it. And maybe that's why Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon asked the good people of Twitter to share a tweet with the hashtag, #WeddingFail. The tweet requested the worst of the worst wedding failures. Amy Pennza, a former lawyer/soldier and now romance author shared her tweet that legit took the cake of any wedding failure out there.

I can guarantee this woman and her MIL will be making a guest appearance on Fallon's show.

Twitter exploded in response to Pennza’s tweet. All of which were basically bashing her MIL.

Pennza wrote, "My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter."

Wowza! I think this would make any bride cringe, scream, and cry. Because wearing a wedding dress when it is not your day is definitely, ahh, wrong.

To me, this seems like a major slap in the bride's face.

There is an unspoken rule most of us women know about when attending a wedding. And that rule is to not wear white — because that is the color the bride usually wears. Aaand never wear a wedding dress! No explanation needed for that.

The bride (and groom) usually agree on the color scheme for their big day.

And if the bride chooses to dress her wedding party in white as well, then that’s her prerogative. Can’t say I’ve ever attended an all-white wedding though…

And most of the time, the only clothes the bride concerns herself with is her dress (of course), her bridesmaids, and her groom.

The bride’s mother and MIL may ask the bride for her opinion on their attire. In fact, some brides dress shop with their mom or future MIL before the big day.

But that wasn't the case for Amy Pennza and her MIL.

After her tweet went viral, the people on Twitter were appalled by Pennza’s MIL’s act of wearing a wedding dress to her son’s wedding.

Pennza admits she had no idea what her MIL had planned on wearing.

But why should any bride concern themselves with this? After all, there is a ton of planning that goes into planning a wedding. It doesn’t just happen. The last thing on any bride’s mind is what others will be wearing — unless of course the requested attire is mentioned on the invitation.

Some people's responses made me lol, like this one.

Can you imagine being a guest at this wedding and watching with your very own eyes the MIL in a wedding gown, too?! *shudder*

And just imagine if you were the bride and your MIL did this?!

Tell me you wouldn’t have some fists a clenching?!?!

I think we all would like to know the answer to this question.

Did Pennza confront her MIL? How exactly would any civilized bridezilla handle a situation like this?

As it turns out, Pennza was not mad about her MIL's dress choice.

And sounds like there was no catfight amongst anyone at the party over this outlandish act. In fact, Pennza goes on to explain why she had no hurt feelings.

Pennza sat down with Scary Mommy and told them that her MIL grew up dirt poor.

And that she learned to be frugal from her childhood. She continues to say that her MIL is still like this today because “you never know when it can all be taken from you.”

The stories Pennza has are actually quite entertaining.

Say what now? How does she keep them from not squishing in her purse or whatever logistic way she transports this reused food?

I always laughed at my grandma when we'd go out to eat at a buffet and she'd take extra chicken wings (wrapped in a napkin) home with her.

My grandma lived through the Great Depression and will say from witnessing her acts that going hungry leaves a permanent mark on a person.

But cold cuts can go bad if left out too long!

Ah, my stomach is churning just reading these tweets. This woman is something else — that I will say. God bless her!

Can't blame her on this one.

See, getting old has its perks! Nearly every family restaurant you go into has a senior menu. Might as well take advantage of that stuff.

I admit, the water usually tastes better at a restaurant.

This one doesn’t gross me out so bad, but still not something I would think to do, like ever!

Hey, why not? It's been my experience that most drinks are not entirely how you prefer them.

Which is why I stick to beer and wine when dining out. I’m beginning to think this woman is a sheer genius!

Mmkay, back to being gross. Maybe I spoke too soon?

I’m just wondering, does she have running water at home? I sure hope so. There is being frugal, but this is a bit too much. Maybe this is her way of keeping her water bill down or something?!

Alright, this gives us a better understanding of the wedding dress wearing MIL.

Pennza says that she got the dress cheap. And based on the examples of how her MIL lives, I think it’s clear she was not being malicious in wearing that wedding dress.

And on that interesting day, like most brides, Pennza cannot recall all the specifics.

She had her mind on more pressing matters, like not tripping down the aisle to meet her groom and remembering her vows. Things all brides worry about on the big day, because of nerves.

Others took note as well.

Too distracted to notice? Um, probably not. But knowing what we have learned about this woman, you can see why Pennza wasn’t too miffed.

And it is something Pennza can joke about to this day.

Yes, the two have a good relationship from the sounds of it. Pennza admits this has not caused any issues between them.

She did what now?

Whatever your thoughts were on this woman may be dismissed now. Having a grandmother who shows up like this is a true gem.

Her skills pay off for the whole family!

Bargain shopping takes a good eye. This doesn’t come easy for everyone. And since Pennza has 4 children, she probably has learned some good tips from her MIL.

You can see why Pennza has no harsh feeling towards her MIL. The woman clearly has a special place in her heart.

Sounds like a grandma many kids would love to have. A grandma who shows up to everything is extremely rare. I think Pennza hit the jackpot when this woman became her family.

Makes for a funny story and something no one in attendance ever forgot!

And maybe it even inspired Pennza to become an author? It didn’t affect her relationship with her husband, after all, she is a romance author!

And of course when others read all the kind tweets Pennza spoke of, many chimed in.

Sleep is one of those things you take for granted until you become a parent. Then you learn real quick the desperate measures you’ll go to gain some shut-eye — especially in those early days of becoming a parent.

A cape indeed, perhaps a white one?

All joking aside, I bet she still has that dress, don’t you think? Love this story? Keep reading for a whole bunch of wedding fails that are hilarious, horrifying, and downright cringeworthy.

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