In today's day and age, there's an awful lot of pressure to get that perfect Instagram photo - Whether you're on the beach or on top of a mountain, the selfie has to be just right. Well, to most people, it has to be. One woman has decided to break down this tradition by taking gloriously hideous chin selfies in various locations all over the world... And she has gone viral for her wonderfully unique holiday snaps. Keep scrolling to see the variety of exotic locations she has bombarded with her chin selfies, including some of the world's 7 Wonders...

Meet Michelle Liu.

Michelle here is challenging all beauty standards on social media with her incredible chin selfies.

Michelle has been "chinning" since middle school...

After growing tired of the pressures to “take perfect photos”, Michelle decided to take it upon herself to go against everything Instagram stands for by taking the “worst” photos possible.

And, when she moved to Vienna to study in 2016...

She decided to dedicate an Instagram account to both her chin and her travels.

Her account has been appropriately named "Chinventures"...

And has now gained a loyal following of nearly 60,000 chin selfie lovers. Her page documents her journey as she explores the world… All from the perspective of her marvelous chin selfies.

So, without further ado...

Here is a selection of Michelle’s best chin selfies… Oh, and some quite aesthetic travel locations, if that’s what you’re here for.

London, England.

Here, we have Michelle and her chin popping in for a cup of tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Lovely!

London, England.

2 chin shots in one day – Michelle doesn’t mess around.

Salzburg, Austria.

“Welcome to my chindom.”

Vienna, Austria.

Michelle had just spent $13 on a drink, so decided to show her disgust and regret with a rooftop chin selfie. Obviously.

Budapest, Hungary.

Or Bootypest, as Michelle calls it.  

Munich, Germany.

You didn’t even go to Oktoberfest if you didn’t take a selfie with a stein, right?

Munich, Germany.

When she’s not drinking steins of beer in Munich, she’s chinning under ancient castles – The ultimate German experience!

Paris, France.

The iconic travel shot!

Paris, France.

R.I.P, Notre Dame.

Prague, Czech Republic.

I mean, the John Lennon Wall was built for chin selfies, wasn’t it?

The Kitzbühel Alps, Austria.

Who has time for skiing when there are chin selfies to be taken?

Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Everyone has to get a photo by the iconic Amsterdam canals.

Tokyo, Japan.

Ramen, sushi, and… Chins?

Kyoto, Japan.

Beautiful Japanese palaces, beautiful American chins.

The Great Wall of China.

One of the 7 wonders of the world… And Michelle’s chin.

Mount Huashan, China.

Absolutely dazzling scenes!

San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“Under my chinbrella, ella, ella…”

The Pitons, St. Lucia.

Volcanoes and chins for days. 

Nassau, Bahamas.

Chin pool selfies… I didn’t know these were even a thing, but I am fully on board with them.

She's even taken her chin selfies airborne...

Yep, always time for a quick selfie on your flight… With the rest of the passengers and crew, of course.

And, of course...

Michelle just had to do a couple of chin selfies in the motherland.

Florida, U.S.

Disney World is a place full of magic… And double chins.

New York, U.S.

Can’t beat a hefty slice of New York pizza, can you?

Boston, U.S.

Go the Red Sox!

Feeling inspired yet?

Michelle is living proof that you can rock your double chin… No matter where you are! Keep scrolling to read about more body-positive Instagram models. We can’t get enough of these guys!

Humans have been cooped up inside since COVID-19 brought our world to a standstill.

Thousands have now died from the virus and the spread of it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Lockdowns have been implemented all around the world...

Including Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and many parts of the United States.

It's safe to say that things are now deadly serious.

People all around the world are certainly feeling the strain and staying confined in their homes isn’t as easy as they imagined.

But staying indoors is potentially saving lives...

And it is also saving our planet.

The empty streets have made a staggering impact on the environment...

And this truly goes to show how the human race has severely damaged Planet Earth over the centuries.

Pollution levels are at an all-time low...

Since January, many parts of the world have seen a drastic drop in pollution levels since lockdowns were implemented.

Wuhan in China now has almost unrecognizable stats...

Wuhan is where the coronavirus initially started, and since the city’s lockdown back in January, nitrogen dioxide levels have dropped drastically.

And thanks to these drastic drops in pollution...

Mother Nature is thriving more than ever, with plants flourishing and wildlife making appearances in the most unlikely of places – including bottlenose dolphins recently swimming in the crystal clear canals of Venice in Italy that are usually overridden with tourists.

This is truly incredible to see...

And it goes to show how without us humans taking over the streets, the planet is slowly beginning to heal itself.

Endangered animals are also benefiting from these global lockdowns...

And nature has been allowed to take its course without any interruptions.

And now, something remarkable has happened.

Last week on March the 22nd, a shoreline in Paulista, a town in the north-eastern state of Pernambuco, Brazil, experienced the births of many endangered turtles.

This particular beach is a very popular tourist spot...

But in recent weeks, the beach has been left completely deserted after the state governor Paulo Câmara ordered a partial shutdown in the area, urging residents to stay indoors and restricting them from gathering on beaches.

The absence of tourists has made a wonderful difference...

Ninety-seven hawksbill sea turtles broke free from their shells and took their first cautious steps towards the Atlantic ocean, with almost no one around to witness the scene.

Hawksbill sea turtles are considered a critically endangered species.

The WWF explained how this species of turtle helps maintain the health of coral reefs as they remove prey such as sponges from the reef’s surface and they also provide better access for reef fish to feed.

It was a truly special moment.

The only people there were government workers, who managed to snap pictures of the baby turtles as they made their way down the beach.

The turtles had a little nudge, of course...

A statement from City Hall of Paulista says the hatching of the eggs and the first contact of the animals with the water was only possible thanks to monitoring work carried out by technicians of the Urban Sustainability Center.

Aside from being snatched by birds...

One of the biggest risks that face a baby turtle is being crushed by an unaware beachgoer, so these babies already have a stronger chance of thriving.

It's time to have a serious think about the way we treat our planet...

And these baby turtles are a prime example of how we need to be stepping back and letting Mother Nature take her toll. Make sure to keep scrolling to learn about the pollution decline in Italy since the country went into lockdown…
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