A woman has been left seething after her husband picked out the "stupidest name ever" for their baby. She is not a happy bunny and we certainly see why. Keep scrolling to see how bad the name really is...

Naming your child will never be an easy task.

Giving a tiny human a name that they will identify by for the rest of their lives is always going to bring with it a little bit of pressure.

There are literally thousands of names to choose from...

And they all carry their own unique meanings and backgrounds.

It can be difficult to determine which name is suitable for a newborn...

Because who knows which name will eventually suit them best?

And, to add to this pressure...

You have to come up with a name that your child will be happy and content with throughout their life.

So that's why most parents play it safe by settling with a name that would be considered as "normal" by most.

Sarah, Rebecca, Jack, James… You can’t really go wrong with these kinds of names, can you?

But, of course, there will always be the parents who pick rather unusual names for their children.

We all know a child with a slightly bizarre name.

Celebrities tend to lead this trend of bizarre name choices...

Remember when Gweneth Paltrow called her daughter Apple? Or all the times Kim Kardashian named her 4 children North, Saint, Chicago, Psalm?

And who can forget?

When Frank Zappa named his kids Moon Unit, Dweezil, and Diva Thin Muffin. Our minds are still boggled.

Well, for the children of the rich and famous, a strange name isn't too big of a deal...

But, for us regular folk, an unusual name can be quite detrimental.

Some people live in complete turmoil over the names their parents chose for them...

And, in some extreme cases, people have been known to legally change their birth name to something a little more appropriate.

But it seems one mom-to-be has attempted to nip a huge name blunder in the bud.

The expectant parent took to Reddit’s “Am I the A–H—” forum to seek out some advice on how to respond to a strange name choice courtesy of her husband.

The couple are expecting their first child in a couple of months.

And of course, the time has come to really start thinking about some names.

The mom explained that she likes names such as Dylan, Jared, and Loren.

Yano, normal ones?

However, when her husband came up with a name suggestion of his own...

Well, she was less than impressed at the bonkers idea.

In her post, she says her husband and his parents are all math geniuses.

So they agreed to pick a name to reflect this. “My husband and his parents are all math geniuses and wanted [our son’s] name to include some math reference.”

But what he came up with certainly wasn't what this expectant mom had in mind.

The couple has been coming up with names that would refer to something mathematical for the “cute and funny idea,” but nothing as weird as what her husband has conjured up.

At first, she thought he was joking...

But it seems he was being deadly serious.

The mom took to Reddit to ask if she was wrong to refuse the name.

But, judging by the responses, most of which completely mocked the name, it looks like this mom was right to raise some concerns.

So, what did her husband want to name his kid?

Drumroll, please… “Cube.” “My husband was like ‘um, yeah. I was thinking Cube.’ Like a Rubik Cube,” the poster wrote. “I thought he was joking but he was serious. I told him that was the stupidest name ever. He told me to think of it as ‘Cute.’ I told him I’d rather name him Sweater before Cube,” the post concluded. Good shout. Could you imagine a teacher calling out for Cube? Hell no… Fancy more name blunders? Keep scrolling for a list of the weirdest celebrity baby names…

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