Dating apps can be strange places. And if you're unlucky enough, you can attract some horrible people. Behind a screen, people think they can say anything without any consequences. But that shouldn't be the case. One girl has proved just how easy it is to expose those creeps online after receiving an outrageous message. Keep reading to find out how she got the ultimate revenge.  

Hiding behind a computer screen, online trolls feel that they can say what they like.

But people should be held accountable for what they say or do, even it is online.

Insults are thrown around online, and dating apps are one of the worst places for dealing with this.

And it can be hard to know how to respond to them.

Or if to respond at all.

But if your one of those people that has received dim-witted messages online and are in need of inspiration for your response, you need to keep reading.

Katie Pfeffer took to Twitter to share how she got the ultimate revenge.

One not-so-charming user on a dating app sent her a message that got a much less than desired response.

Probably because of how much of a backhanded compliment it was.

In fact, not even a backhanded compliment, it was just rude.

In a message to Katie the man wrote:

“Are you one of those hot girls that’s just plain r*tarded? Because your bio makes it look that way.”

Clearly, he underestimated her intelligence.

In the same way that he had clearly underestimated her investigation skills.

As after receiving the message, Katie took to the internet to search for his dad.

Who, fortunately for Katie, was easy enough to find.

But unfortunately for the guy who sent the message.

And with that Katie wasted no time getting her revenge.

After finding his dad she sent him a message making him aware of his son's inability to respectfully talk to women.

In the message, Katie wrote, “So sorry for the random message. Just thought you should know this is how your son speaks to women.”

No doubt a message that both he and his son will be surprised to receive.

After sending the message, Katie took to Twitter to share it online… and the tweet received quite a response.

Her tweet which has now had 15.6k retweets also revealed some interesting revelations about the guy.

Katie posting her experience with the guy, lead to other women sharing their experience with the same guy.

Katie added a follow-up tweet explaining how she wasn't the only woman to have experienced this with him.

She tweeted, “@GeneralMills since posting this I’ve had four girls message me saying this man is abusive, manipulative and racist. I also found out he works as an intern for your company. If you’d like to know more please DM me.”

The tweet received a lot of support online, with people praising the way she handled the situation.

One user responded saying, “@FBI hire this girl”

Whilst another user said "Hold men accountable 2020"

Whilst many others replied that we needed to see more of this.

However, not all the responses were positive.

The odd few who replied to the tweet weren’t particularly kind.

One user responded by saying, "Just another example of a woman being over the top and causing problems she shouldn’t be a part of🙄."

Though we aren’t sure he was a part of it either.

Whilst others responded with messages similar to the original as they said:

“Yup, you crazy, and I pity anyone who has the misfortune of getting into a relationship with you.”

So it seems that there's a mixed reaction to Katie's approach.

Some people think it a great idea whereas others don’t.

The question is, whether or not the guys learned his lesson.

We can’t see him writing a message like that again any time soon.

We should all know by now that regular, thorough hand washing is important.

Although, I would have hoped you were doing that anyway.

Viral challenges once included eating Tide pods.

And balancing brooms upright. Thankfully, internet challenges during this crazy time are slightly different.  

And a lot safer.

Thanks to the insistence of the World Health Organization, WHO, it’s all about handwashing.

Participants demonstrate proper handwashing techniques.

Director-General of the WHO, Tedros Adhan Ghebreyesus, called on people to use their social media platforms to promote “regular, safe, and effective hand hygiene.”

Celebrities everywhere have used this to teach us their techniques.

And although this is a positive challenge to be a part of, we want something more.

Something more... fury?

And that’s exactly what we got. Scroll down to watch the adorable videos…

They're going viral.

I feel confused, but well educated. People are sharing the videos of animals washing their hands… or front paws, in a bid to encourage others to do the same.

I mean, who would you rather take advice from?

Selena Gomez giving out her handwashing tips, or an Orangutan scrubbing in a bucket? You don’t need to answer, we all know who it is. The adorable video is coming up soon…

We just can't get enough of these little guys.

A video uploaded by Indian Forest Service officer, Parveen Kaswan, has been widely shared.

Kaswan is known for sharing videos of the animals to promote important messages.

He used a clip of a raccoon to underline the seriousness of washing hands, with the caption: “keep washing your hands. At least for 25 seconds, demo will be shown by this small guy. Ashley Raine.”  

I'm unsure whether the raccoon was called Ashley Raine, but I sure hope she was.

Health agencies have stressed the importance of hygiene recently, a video of a doctor washing her hands multiple times while removing layer after layer of her protective gear has also gone viral on social media.

Pet owners are even getting their little companions to join in.

And I have to say, some of them are doing far better than the humans I’ve seen.

Not every animal is impressed.

But every little helps.

Sometimes the advice can get a little confusing.

But as long as those toe beans are clean, does it really matter?

The advice is clearly sinking in.

And one primate, in particular, has gone viral for the technique she learnt from her keepers.

A clip of Sandra, the thirty-four-year-old orangutan has gone viral.

The accompanying caption to the video shared on Facebook, said: “she started washing her hands because she saw all the zookeepers doing it repeatedly during the crisis”

Sandra lives at the Center for Great Apes.

On their Facebook page, they mentioned: “Sandra has daily pools of water and really likes to wash things — her toys, her surroundings, and her hands! Sandra loves to clean up!” We could all learn a thing or two from Sandra. Keep scrolling to see how this incredibly annoying song has actually been useful…
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